Fitness After 40: How Celebrities Stay Lean

Learn how ladies in the spotlight stay in shape

Do you ever wonder how Hollywood celebrities keep their fabulous physiques after 40? Do you want to know how fitness personalities and professional athletes stay strong and lean as they get older? Contrary to popular rumor, they do not have secret diets or supercharged metabolisms. In fact, most of them deal with the same insecurities and aging issues that you do.

I talked to several celebrities, athletes and fitness pros to find out how they manage aging and what they do to stay in shape after 40. Learn about their diets, their workout programs and their issues with aging in the interviews below. 

Octavia Spencer’s Secrets to Weight Loss Success

Octavia Spencer. SENSA

This Oscar-winning actress has struggled with her weight for years.  When she turned 40, she decided it was time to get serious and slim down.  Find out what she did to lose weight and look great on the red carpet

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Dara Torres' Tips for Staying Fit After 40

Koss Headphones

Who wouldn't want the body of this famous Olympic swimmer?  Dara Torres tells how she keeps her fabulous physique in top shape and how she manages the challenges of her changing body.

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How Chris Freytag Stays Lean and Fit Over 40

Chris Freytag stays lean with regular workouts. Chris Freytag

Forty-eight year old fitness pro Chris Freytag keeps her body and mind in great shape with simple tips that she shares with you.  Find out when you should worry about midlife weight gain, what diet strategies she uses to stay lean and how her favorite workouts keep her in top shape. 

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JR Allen's 30-Minute Celebrity Workout

JR Allen

Want a body that is worthy of a Shape magazine cover? JR Allen might be able to give it to you.  He trained Mary J. Blige to get in shape for her cover shoot and he provides his tips and workout in this step-by-step guide.

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