How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon Book Review

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon. Scholastic

Jane Yolen and Mark Teague's "How Do Dinosaurs..." book series continues with this beautifully illustrated edition about how dinosaurs act when they get sick. It's a quick and easy to read for parents and kids. With detailed illustrations that will make your child laugh as they see what dinosaurs look like when they act like "kids" at the doctor's office.

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  • Great illustrations
  • Quick and easy to read
  • Great for young kids
  • Funny
  • Good for reading aloud to a group or one on one


  • Might teach your kids some bad behaviors they hadn't thought of yet
  • Young kids may not understand the lesson


  • Great children's book that will teach your kids how (and how not) to behave at the doctor's office.
  • Appropriate for all ages - especially those who love dinosaurs. Probably best for preschoolers and young school age kids.
  • Fun tip - Try to find the hidden names of the dinosaur on each page.
  • Also available in Spanish and French.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon - Our Take

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon is a fun children's book that may help alleviate some of your child's fears if they are sick and have to go to the doctor. This brightly illustrated story is quick and easy to read and is great for kids of all ages.

It starts by asking how kids think dinosaurs might act when they get sick. With hilarious pictures of enormous dinosaurs acting just like kids spilling juice, trying to hide at the doctor's office and throwing tissues on the floor, it is sure to make your kids laugh, even if they aren't sick.

The book goes on to tell us that no, dinosaurs don't act like that. They drink lots of juice and get lots of rest. They behave at the doctor's office and listen to mom and dad. And before they know it, they feel better!

The large colorful illustrations make this a good choice for reading to a group of young children or one on one at home.

If your child has a fear of the doctor's office, you could try reading this book before you go and discussing how the dinosaurs are supposed to behave while they are there. Explaining what to expect in a fun and non-threatening way could help make the trip a little easier for your child. 

Whether your child has a cold, the flu, some other illness or is perfectly healthy, they are sure to enjoy this book. How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon is written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague.

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