How Do I Cope With Being Alone on Valentine's Day?

10 Ways to Survive Valentine's Day Alone

Valentine's alone doesn't have to be lonely.
Choose how to spend your Valentine's alone that is best for you. swissmediavision / Getty Images

Are you going to be alone on Valentine's Day? There are many reasons why you may find yourself alone; if you suffer with social anxiety disorder (SAD) it may be due to fear about approaching potential romantic partners. Whatever your reason for being alone, below are some tips to help you cope.

Ignore Valentine's Day

There is no reason why you need to acknowledge or celebrate Valentine's Day. Don't let advertising, store displays or stories of others make you feel bad.

February 14th is just another day of the year, and there is no reason why you can't pretend the holiday isn't taking place.

Treat Yourself

Instead of ignoring Valentine's Day, decide to make it a day for yourself.

  • take the day off work 
  • sleep late 
  • eat your favorite foods 
  • engage in hobbies that you enjoy

Send Yourself Flowers

If you are feeling really down about being alone on Valentine's Day, send yourself flowers or chocolates to your place of work. Your coworkers will wonder about your secret admirer, and you will receive a gift chosen by the person who knows you best.

Avoid Love Triggers

If you are upset about being alone on Valentine's Day, avoid watching romantic movies and listening to love songs. People with SAD are prone to depression, and these types of activities are sure to elicit sadness about being alone during this holiday.

Make Other Plans

Plan a day revolving around a recreational activity or a theatrical/musical event unrelated to Valentine's Day.

For example

  • attend a sporting event
  • see a play
  • go to a concert
  • get crazy and go skydiving

Invite a friend or family member. Having plans to do something concrete will help to take your mind off the fact that you are single. Plus, if you choose something memorable, then each year you will have something to celebrate on that date that extends beyond Valentine's.

Night Out with Single Friends

If you have single friends, plan a night out as a group. Being in the company of others in the same situation will help to ease your loneliness. Be sure to keep the night upbeat. Ideas might include

  • participate in a paint night
  • go to a comedy show
  • see a movie

Reach Out to Someone

Take the opportunity to reach out to someone whom you haven't spoken to in a while. That person might be

  • a family member
  • a friend
  • or even someone in whom you have a romantic interest

You never know who might also be feeling lonely on Valentine's Day and will welcome the chance to catch up.

Brighten Someone Else's Day

Do you know someone who has recently lost a significant other? Perhaps your neighbor is recently widowed. A small gift on Valentine's Day would mean a lot to her and would make you feel good as well. Gift ideas might include

  • flowers
  • homemade cookies or other treats
  • a gift basket with tea, coffee, or other goodies

Go About Your Business

One of the best ways to deal with being alone on Valentine's Day is to go about your daily routine.

  • work 
  • go to the gym
  • go grocery shopping
  • clean the house

Do whatever you would normally do that day of the week, to make it seem like just another day of the year.

Play Cupid

Most people have never received a gift from a secret admirer. Consider anonymously sending a gift to someone in the same position as you. This doesn't need to be someone in whom you have romantic interest; simply someone whom you want to see smile. Include a note saying that you wanted to pay it forward this Valentine's day. Gift ideas could include

  • flowers
  • chocolates
  • movie passes

A Word From Verywell

Valentine's Day can be a wonderful time if you are in a relationship, but difficult if you find yourself alone. If social anxiety is preventing you from dating or maintaining romantic relationships, and you haven't been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, if may be time to talk to your doctor.

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