How do you use the basal body temperature to get pregnant?

Fertility Chart - Basal Body Temperature
Using your basal body temperature can really help you with your ovulation prediction.. Photo © ShutterStock

Question: How do you use the basal body temperature to get pregnant?

Your body temperature at rest is known as your basal body temperature. This measurement is influenced by the hormones in your body.

Answer: The Basal Body Temperature Method of fertility awareness allows you to collect the data using a special basal thermometer that reads in smaller increments to pick up subtle changes that occur in your basal body temperature during your menstrual cycle.

You will want to take your temperature every morning at the exact same time, before moving or getting out of bed. You can take your temperature orally, vaginally or rectally, but it must be the same type of reading every cycle. You will record this information on a chart or website. Some women choose to use an excel spreadsheet to track their temperatures. It's important to collect the data to look for changes and patterns in the basal body temperature.

Just before ovulation, you will typically see a decrease in your basal body temperature, followed by a sharp increase after ovulation. Your basal body temperature will stay higher until your period arrives or will continue to stay high if a pregnancy occurs.

There are many things that can effect the temperature reading:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Illness
  • Medications or drugs
  • Alcohol

You can also use this information to show to your doctor or midwife when discussing your plans to get pregnant.

Some women are also using apps to track their menstrual cycle using their phones.

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