How Can You Train for a 10K Race?

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"I'm a beginner runner and I'm thinking of training for a race. How many miles is a 10K?"

A 10K run is 10 kilometers long, which is the equivalent of 6.2 miles. It's double the distance of a 5K, which is another popular race distance.

If you've never run a race before, a 5K race is a good introduction to road racing for beginners.
If you think you're not quite ready for a 10K and you're interested in running or run/walking a 5K, here are some free 5K training programs.

10K Beginner Training Schedules

If you're ready to jump right into the 10K distance, here are some free 10K training beginner programs. Keep in mind that new runners usually need at least eight weeks to build up to the 10K distance and should be willing to run at least three times a week.  Pick the one that's best for you based on your current fitness level and amount of time you have to train.

10K Run/Walk Training Schedule: This 10-week 10K training program is designed for beginner run/walkers who want to run/walk a 10K race (6.2 miles). Even if you're not training for a 10K, this program will help you build up to run/walking for more than 60 minutes. The program assumes that you can already run/walk (at 1 min/1 min run/walk intervals) for 20 minutes.

10K Training Schedule for Beginners: This eight-week training schedule is designed for beginner runners who want to get to the finish line of a 10K race.

It assumes that you can already run at least two miles.

4-Week Beginner 10K Training Schedule: This 4-week training schedule is for beginner runners who have a month to get ready for their 10K race. You should be able to run up to three miles to start this schedule.

10K Training Schedule for Advanced Beginners: This eight-week schedule is geared toward runners who can run three miles and can run 4 to 5 days per week.

This schedule is for those who may have never run a 10K before but are looking for a schedule that's a little more challenging than the 10K Training Schedule for Beginners.

10K Advanced Schedules

If you're a more experienced runner and looking for a more challenging schedule, try one of these programs.

4-Week Intermediate 10K Schedule: This four-week training program is designed for runners who have previous race experience. You should be able to comfortably run up to five miles to start this program.

4-Week Advanced 10K Schedule: This is a four-week training program designed for runners who have race experience and are looking to improve their 10K time. You should be able to comfortably run up to seven miles to start this program.

The 10K distance is a popular road race distance, so you should be able to find an upcoming one in your area. Here are some tips on how to find local 10Ks to run.

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