How Long Does Lortab Stay in Your System?

Detection Timetable Depends on Many Variables

Urine Testing
Urine Test for Drugs. © Getty Images

Determining exactly how long lortab is detectable in the body depends on many variables, including which kind drug test is being used.

Lortab, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is marketed under other names as Anexsia, Co-Gesic, Dolorex Forte, Hycet, Liquicet, Lorcet, Maxidone, Norco, Polygesic, Stagesic, Vicodin, Xodol, Zamicet, Zolvit, Zydone.

It can be detected for a shorter time with some tests, but can be "visible" for up to three months in other tests.

The timetable for detecting lortab in the system is also dependent upon each individual's metabolism, body mass, age, hydration level, physical activity, health conditions and other factors, making it almost impossible to determine an exact time lortab will show up on a drug test.

How Long Does Lortab Stay in the Urine?

Lortab can be detected in the urine for 3-4 days

How Long Can Lortab Be Detected in Blood?

A blood test can detect Lortab for up to 6-48 hours.

How Long Can a Saliva Test Detect Lortab?

A saliva test can detect Lortab for up to 3-4 days

How Long Can a Hair Test Detect Lortab?

Lortab, like like many other drugs, can be detected with a hair follicle drug test for up to 90 days.

Preventing an Accidental Lortab Overdose

One reason that it is important to know how long Lortab remains in the system is because of its potential to interact with other drugs, such as alcohol.

Another reason is because of the risk of accidental overdose.

If the pain-killing effects of Lortab wear off, but the drug is still in the system, an overdose could occur if someone takes more of the drug too soon.

The following are some of the symptoms that can occur with a Lortab overdose:

If You Suspect an Overdose

Seek immediate medical help. Do not make the person throw up unless specifically told to do so by poison control (1-800-222-1222), a health care professional or 9-1-1.

Before you call, it will be helpful if you can determine the following:

  • Patient's age, weight, and condition
  • Name of the product (ingredients and strength, if known)
  • Time it was swallowed
  • Amount swallowed
  • If the medication was prescribed for the patient

Treatment for Lortab Overdose

If someone suspected of a Lortab overdose is taken to the emergency room, their vital signs - including temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure - will be monitored closely and their symptoms treated as appropriate.

The overdose patient may be given the following:

  • Activated charcoal
  • Breathing support
  • Chest x-ray
  • EKG
  • Fluids through an IV
  • Laxative
  • N-acetylcysteine to lower acetaminophen levels in the blood
  • Naloxone to reverse the effect of the hydrocodone
  • Tube through the nose or mouth to wash out the stomach

How well the overdose victim recovers will depend on how much of the drug they took and how quickly they received treatment. The sooner they receive medical help, the better their prognosis.


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