How Many Calories in Chicken Breast

chicken breast calories

Chicken breast is a staple in the diets of many healthy eaters and exercisers. It’s a great source of protein. Dieters who eat enough protein are more likely to maintain muscle mass and preserve a healthy metabolism.  But trying to determine the calorie count of chicken breast is not always straightforward. 

Calories in Chicken Breast

Depending on the source, a 4-ounce single serving of skinless, boneless chicken breast contains between 110 and 184 calories.

  That’s a big range.  But you can’t always trust calorie counts posted by manufacturers, as they may be off by as much as 20%. 

The size of your chicken breast will also affect the calorie count. A single serving of chicken breast is about four ounces or the size of the palm of your hand.  Many commercially packaged chicken breasts are much larger than that, so if you eat a single breast, you’re probably eating more than a single serving.

And, of course, if you keep the skin on your chicken breast, the fat and calorie count will be much higher. The preparation method and any sauces or flavorings that you add can make a big difference as well.

How to Prepare Lower Calorie Chicken Breast

The way you prepare chicken breast can add hundreds of calories to the final fat and calorie count of your meat.  Roasting, broiling or boiling the breast are generally the healthiest preparation methods.  Frying or sautéing the meat in butter or oil will add fat and calories.

  In addition, adding condiments like barbecue sauce, olive oil or dipping sauces will boost your caloric intake.

Need a quick and easy chicken breast meal? This quick and easy Chicken Breast with Potatoes and Veggies recipe can be prepared on a Sunday night to provide a week's worth of diet-friendly dinners.

Pre-package the meals and keep them in the refrigerator so they are ready to go when you come home after a long day's work.

But remember that you can use low-calorie chicken breast in different types of recipes, as well. Try any of these low-fat healthy ideas.

Remember, that even though chicken breast is a healthy, low-calorie food for dieters, overeating any food can cause weight gain. So use smart portion control tools and strategies with this food and at all of your meals and snacks to reach and maintain your healthy weight.

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