Cost and Insurance Coverage of Garadsil, the HPV Vaccine

HPV vaccine
HPV vaccine. Getty Images/Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice

Question: Cost and Insurance Coverage of Gardasil, the HPV Vaccine

How much does Gardasil cost? Will my insurance company pay for it?

Answer: Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, is currently on the market for $120 per single dose. Three doses are required over a 6-month period, making the total cost for the HPV vaccine $360. On top of that, some doctors are charging office visit fees when the vaccine is given.

Many large health insurance providers cover Gardasil, but that varies from company to company. Most that offer coverage for Gardasil only do so for females age 9 to 26, the age group for which the vaccine is FDA-approved. There is no current legislation that requires insurance providers to cover the costs of Gardasil. You can always call your insurance provider to determine if it covers the vaccine. Your doctor's front office staff may be able to tell if your provider covers the costs as well.

Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, released data in late 2007 indicating that the vaccine could be useful for women up to age 45. If the FDA approves Gardasil for older women, based on this data, it is possible that insurance coverage of the vaccine may be extended to them as well.

Gardasil is covered under a federal program available to uninsured and Medicaid eligible children under 18. This makes the vaccine free to eligible children.

If you lack insurance, check with your local health department or public clinic for more information about the program.


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