Is it Worth it to Do Yoga Once a Week?

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Dear Aunt Yoga,

As a busy, stressed out, working mother of two young children, I think I am a prime candidate for yoga. The trouble is, I don't think I'll be able to get to a class more than once or twice a week. Is it even worth it? How often do you recommend doing yoga?


Dear Stressed!,

You are indeed a prime candidate for yoga, and I speak as a busy, stressed out, working mother of two, whose yoga practice is the glue holding this leaky ship together (but not this leaky metaphor.

I apologize). Since you have a two-part question, I'm going to give you a two-part answer.

Q. Is it even worth it?

A. Yes.

Q. How often do you recommend doing yoga?

A. A bit trickier to answer. If you go to yoga class once or twice a week, it will help you feel less stressed and more stretched, both good things. It may also fuel your fire to do more yoga, also a good thing. The trouble is, if you only do yoga once a week, it kind of feels like you are starting over each time. (And boy, do you feel sore each time.) You'll feel the benefits of an individual session, but it's hard to build a practice this way.

So I am going to go ahead and say that with yoga, more is more. Going to class two (good) or three (better) times a week is going to get you feeling a lot better. Now, the trouble is how to work all this yoga into your already overloaded schedule? A lunch-time class during your work day is a great way to sneak one in if you can manage it.

Between classes, do a quick home stretching sequence, yoga video, or check out online classes. Even a short evening session before bed or a stretch at your desk is better than nothing. Tell your partner that yoga is cheaper than therapy and watch blocks of time magically appear.

Once again, more is more!


Aunt Yoga

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