How Often Should I Weigh In?

weigh yourself to lose weight
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Getting on the scale can’t be avoided if you’re trying to lose weight. Even after you’ve reached your goal weight, it’s important for you to check your weight. But many dieters are left wondering “how often should I weigh in?”

Expert Advice About Checking Your Weight

Most experts agree that a regular weigh-in is important. But the frequency of the weight check should depend on you. Mary Moon, M.D. counsels patients who are trying to lose weight.

She evaluates every situation on a case-by-case basis.

“For some of my patients who need to lose a substantial amount of weight, I generally suggest that they weigh themselves daily because they are more likely to see results on a day to day basis. But for my patients who have less to lose, I suggest a weekly weigh-in because it is possible that a short term gain or loss may affect their motivation.”

Results from studies about weight checks vary as well. One study conducted by the University of Minnesota evaluated 3000 dieters over the course of 3 years. Researchers found that those who weighed themselves daily lost more weight. But data from the National Weight Control Registry suggests that weekly weigh-ins are more popular among people who have lost weight successfully and kept it off.

How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

So what’s the best strategy for you? The one that helps you stick to your weight loss program.

If a daily weigh-in is a source of stress, then switch to a weekly check. Stress and fatigue from dieting can lead to program failure and weight gain. But if the daily weight check serves as a reminder to maintain healthy habits, then by all means, get on that scale!

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