Thyroid Tips on How to Keep Exercise Exciting

Have Fun and Stay Fit with Exercise Tips from Fellow Thyroid Patients

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I can get  bored sometimes working out on my home treadmill. I asked if anyone had any good tips on how to not get bored exercising at home. The good advice poured in from fellow thyroid patients who have mastered the art of regular workouts!! The advice is too good not to share with everyone who, like me, might need a little extra push to stay fit!

I'm sure that you'll find some inspiring and practical ideas in these wonderful suggestions, just as I did!

1. Find a Good Program, Follow the Progress, and Use a Trainer

"I have been exercising regularly for the past four or five years and the key for me is having a GOOD tape to watch. When I am engaged in a tape, the half hour flies by. Also, I use exercise equipment where I can measure my progress and compete against my record from the previous day. That is more motivating than merely using a machine which does not give feedback. And last, I hired a personal trainer for a few sessions to help me better understand strength training exercises. So now I am confident that my time is being utilized effectively. I have added variety to my routine."

2. Hire a Trainer to Motivate You!

One reader hired a personal trainer, and I can't imagine slacking off when you are paying a dedicated trainer to help you work out. Our Exercise guide has great advice on how to choose a personal trainer.

3. Use Great Music, and Work Out With Friends!

"I have never been one to enjoy exercise.

Ever. However, [when] I lost 80 pounds, it was clear that part of remaining healthy was moving. I use a treadmill several mornings a week, and it helps me to use new age meditation music with headphones, making my walking time a time of walking meditation. Three mornings a week, I meet friends that I otherwise do not have time to nurture a relationship with--we have set that time aside to both walk together and as our special friendship-nurturing space.

And it provides a nice afterglow, both physically and emotionally."

4. Rebound!!

"After years of jogging, step aerobics, exercise machines and walking I have finally come up with an exercise that is fun and really works without much effort. I ordered a rebounder off of the internet and I love it. A rebounder is a mini trampoline"

5. Listen to Audiobooks

"I have found, and others agree, that walking outside, where your feet make contact with the earth (sort of) is better for you than a treadmill. So, when possible, walk outside. In either case, listen to music or books you like. They are wonderful. Get a bunch from the library, and just listen to the ones you like. You will be amazed how quickly time goes by when your mind is sharply engaged."

6. Concentrate on the Results

"Hi, I'm hypo and started exercising six days a week about five months ago. I am up and at the wellness center by 6:15 a.m. I've never been one to hold to an exercise routine, but I've seen so many positive results that I've stuck with it.

Getting up and getting it over is one of the great things. I'd always find excuses not to go later in the day. And I've not experienced the lethargy in the afternoons that I used to. I think exercise for hypothyroidism can have some really positive results."

7. Do the T-Tapp Program

"Just three months ago, I started My favorite part is that you workout for about 30 or 40 minutes, just a few times a week, but I'm getting results as if I were spending hours a day at the gym. I've already lost more than 16 inches -- mostly my waist (yeah!) and lost several pounds, and gained muscle -- I'm down two dress sizes. I love T-Tapp because I don't end up exhausted afterward; it actually gives me energy. I recommend the T-Tapp More program. It was just perfect for me to ease back into exercising, but it works. I'm thrilled to find this wonderful exercise that seems tailor-made just for me as a thyroid patient!"

8. Walk Outside Instead of Inside

"I too am not a great exercise fan, and did the treadmill for years. Then It broke and the new ones were so expensive I decided to walk outside each morning for 45 minutes instead. I actually ENJOY doing this and try to never miss. I live in a beautiful wooded area so no matter what the season it always looks wonderful. Something about being outside invigorates me and since it is hilly here, I feel like I get a great workout. Try getting outside for some brisk walking and see if that helps your exercise routine."

9. Try Speed Walking, Total Gym and Crunch Master 

"I find speed walking to be a very good exercise for me. I love to walk and most times I find new areas that I have never been to before and discover while walking. The only times, I don't walk is when it is raining heavily or snowing heavily. Other times, I have a total gym, I have different exercise tapes and that usually keeps me going. I have this one particular tape I love, Crunch Master Class. It is really a burner and boy, does it make you sweat!!"

10. Try "The Firm" Videos 

"I've been exercising with videos from a company called The Firm. These are the best exercise tapes I have ever done. They are a combination of aerobics and weight training, they have quite a few of them, so you can switch them around and never get bored. Then I added weight training and have finally started losing weight! Not to mention the fact that my thyroid has started to kick in and my thyroid doc has steadily been reducing the amount of Levoxyl I've been taking. It's great to see the muscles develop and for the first time in 4 years, I actually am happy. I attribute it all to aerobic weight training. You can find out more by visiting their website: I don't have stock in the company, just this is what has worked for me.

11. Watch a Movie!

"I jog about two miles a day on my treadmill, and without a doubt it is the most boring thing there is, so I watch a movie. Put in a movie, relax and get started. I find that as I have built my strength I am getting farther and farther into the movie before my strength wanes."

12. Try Circuit Training 

"I am 64 years old and for the last 4-5 years, I've been attending an Over-50 Circuit Training class. We have members from age 50 to age 86 attending regularly. The class is one hour long, three times per week. Because I have to pay to attend, I feel like I have to get my money's worth and that keeps me going. Plus, after attending for such a long time, it has become a large group of friends who have pot luck lunches and all that sort of friendly type of thing. The best part is that my husband who has mature onset diabetes finally started coming with me. That helps. You hate to hang back if your better half is ready and willing and needs to exercise too."

13. Watch TV -- No Exercise, No TV!

"I have found that the best way for me to exercise is to record one of my favorite one-hour shows. I get on either the elliptical trainer or the treadmill (both of which we have at home set up in front of a TV) and then I put on my show. I wear a chest strap heart monitor and make sure that I stay in my cardio zone. With something to keep my attention (thus, the reason I treat myself to my favorite show), I don't notice that I'm working hard and I know I can't get off until the show is over. This has worked for me for years now. It's the only way I'm "allowed" to watch my show. No exercise, no show!"

14. Make Friends to Help the Time Go Faster

"I have lasted 1 whole year going to the Y 3 times a week (2 hours per time) I have met great people there and we talk while we are working out - sure makes it go faster! "

15. Walk, or Maybe Even Take An Adventure Vacation!!

"I have discovered I prefer getting my exercise outdoors. I am the person who wrote you a year back or so about walking instead of using public transportation. If you are not in a city conducive to walking you can make a deal with yourself that you always walk when you visit so-and-so person or store or office. That right there would place a couple of good walks into your life per week, and pretty soon it will feel as if it has always been that way. With a breathable rain suit and Goretex boots, the rain can become a rather friendly element!"

"Here are more tips that work for me:

  •  Pick a national park or state forest to go for a one or two-hour hike next weekend. The peace out there will draw you back again and again - the hiking? That's just a bonus at that point!
  • Ever wondered what kayaking (sea kayaking for starters) is like? Hop on Google and find a local club or outfitter who offers instruction, rental and tours of your local area. There is water everywhere. It is so easy to learn (about 30 minutes) and offers great upper body work as well as torso work.
  • Anyone but the very slimmest can feel intimidated by rock climbing. I happen to love it and have taken many a friend to the climbing gym - they loved that feeling - never thought they would! My motto is I'll try anything once. That way at least I find out what I do like doing.  If climbing intimidates you, get to the climbing gym when they open in the morning - nobody is there at that time. Do a session with an instructor the first time. If you don't want ropes at first - simply move sideways. You don't even need to get more than two feet off the ground for that. It is called bouldering when you climb sideways, by the way. This will make you nimble and flexible - and it is one of the more fun ways to get and stay fit.
  • While snow isn't always available, when it is, try cross country skiing. That will give you a workout you never thought possible! Lessons the first few times to learn good technique. Again, it is the peace out there that will lure you back into those woods. Exercise? Again, that's a bonus!
  • Ever been curious about horses? Now is your chance. Buy a 10 pack of lessons at you local riding academy (one of the good ones) and try it out. Certain thigh muscles will wake up and your legs and lower back will thank you for it later. Good for posture too. Plus, plan a ride among Vermont's changing maple leaves next October.. or discover your inner cowgirl on a cattle drive out west...either will draw you back time and time again.
  • Then there is biking (road, touring, mountain), in-line skating, rowing (think Boston - great exercise on beautiful lakes and rivers). The possibilities are endless. This is how many people get fit and stay fit - because the exercise gets built into the hobby automatically so you get it for "free" in a way. "

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