How to Avoid Getting Sunscreen in Your Eyes While Running

Man runs under a bright, hot sun
James Porcini / Getty Images

One of the things I find most annoying about warm weather running is having to slather on lots of sunscreen before my outdoor runs. And even more irritating than that is when the sunscreen on your forehead drips into your eyes, causing stinging and burning for the rest of your run (and sometimes even hours later). If you wear contact lenses while running, you may find yourself dealing with this annoyance more often than those who don't wear contacts.

Here are some tips for keeping sunscreen out of your eyes:

Put lip balm on your eyebrows

Applying a waxy lip balm to your eyebrows or upper eyelids will create a waterproof barrier that keeps your sweat (and sunscreen) from dripping into your eyes.

Try stick sunscreens

Waxy stick sunscreens, such as Coppertone Sport Sunblock Stick, have a similar effect to the lip balm and are less likely than the cream sunscreens to run into your eyes.

Wear a visor

A simple visor with a sweat band, like a Headsweats visor, will keep both the sun and sweat out of your eyes when you're running.

Run in the morning or evening

Try to run when the sun is not at its strongest (from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) and wear a visor or hat to shield your face. If you take those steps, you can skip the sunscreen on your forehead since you should get very little sun exposure there.

Final Thoughts

If you try these strategies and still occasionally have to deal with sunscreen running in your eyes, try running with a small bottle of Visine or saline solution, so you can flush out your eyes when it happens.

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