How to Chaperone the Prom

10 Essential Tips for Being a Great Prom Chaperone

Chaperoning the prom can be fun.
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Prom can be one of the biggest events in a teen's high school career. The planning, shopping, and preparations are half the fun.

And many schools seek parents and community members to chaperone the prom. A chaperone's job is important—to ensure everyone stays safe. But, it can also be a fun way to get involved in the local school. 

Here are 10 tips for chaperoning the prom:

  1. Know the rules. Find out what the school has for expectations from the students and learn what you're supposed to do when you see a violation. Common issues may include drinking, inappropriate displays of affection, or heated disputes among the prom attendees.
  1. Dress the part. The teens attending the dance will be in formal wear. You should inquire about how the other chaperones will be dressed so you can dress the part as well.
  2. Meet and greet. At the start of the event, put a smile on your face and greet the prom guests. You are not a guard dog, you are a chaperone whose job responsibilities includes hosting. Hosts generally smile.
  3. Mingle. Talk to the other chaperones and talk to the teens. If your child is in attendance, make sure you don't hover around her or embarrass her. 
  4. Be visible. Do not conglomerate in a corner with other chaperones. Be visible, but not in the way of the guests.
  5. Be on the lookout for dirty dancing. The school administrators should have informed you how to handle inappropriate dancing or displays of affection. Make sure you're following the school rules. 
  6. Intoxicated teens. Underage drinking or arriving to the prom under the influence of substances is a serious violation. Be on the lookout for teens who may be drinking or using drugs and respond according to the school's guidelines. 
  1. Be the wallflower. Do not be 'the life of the party'. While the guests may get a kick out of seeing you dance, especially if you are their teacher, it is not appropriate to dance all night.
  2. A smiling goodbye. Say goodnight with the same shining smile that you gave them as they came in. You will be tired, but strive to end the evening on an upbeat note.
  1. Clear the room. Do not leave until every guest has departed. Check the halls, bathrooms, and parking lot to make sure everyone has safely exited the prom.

Chaperoning Your Child's Event

You may want to think twice about chaperoning the prom if your teen is attending. Few teen wants to see their parents on the dance floor.

If you do decide to chaperone your teen's prom, talk about your expectations before hand. Make it clear to your teen why you're chaperoning and talk about any concerns your teen may have.

Keep in mind, it's your teen's big night. Although you might think some subtle teasing is funny, it could be really embarrassing to your teen. 

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