Jennifer's System for Feeding Twins - How to Bottle Feed Twins

Jennifer's Story of Feeding Twins

Bottle Feeding Twin Babies. Photo published with permission of Jennifer Rocco.

Jennifer is a mom of three boys, big brother Nicholas, and twins Jake and Andrew. When her twins were babies, she wanted to find a way to implement the closeness and intimacy she enjoyed while feeding their singleton older brother. Here, she describes the system she used to bottle feed her twins in tandem. 

"One of the hardest parts of having twins for me was adjusting to doing everything for two babies when my mothering experience was gained through feeding, changing, consoling, transporting, etc. only one baby at a time.  One of my favorite parts of raising my oldest son was feeding time.  I so enjoyed snuggling with him, gazing into his eyes, rubbing his head, listening to how he hummed so softly with each suck and swallow and being totally wrapped up in a special moment between just the two of us.

When my twins were born, I hated the thought that I would miss out on these wonderful bonding moments during feedings.  I could have put them on different schedules, but everyone advised me (especially since I had a five-year-old) that having my babies on the same schedule was key to maintaining my sanity.  So, lots of people recommended that I sit them both in bouncy seats or their car seats, set myself up between them and hold their bottles up to each of them to feed.  That sounded sooooo impersonal and non-maternal....I wanted to hold them and snuggle with them and feel CLOSE to them.   It killed me thinking that this was my only option for when there wasn’t a second set of hands around to help me with the feedings (which after the first 4-6 weeks – the daily help starts to dry up significantly!  Helpers need to get back to their busy lives, and I wanted to be able to feed my kids without relying on others to be around for multiple feedings per day.).

So, here’s the system that I devised and LOVED (not as much as solo feedings, but it was as close as I could get!).  I sat in the middle of my couch.  I set up a boppy pillow (such as the Twin Z Pillow) on each side of the couch facing me.  I placed one baby in the boppy seat with a bottle proper (and a variety of burp clothes to keep it all secure).  Then I held the other baby and fed him myself.  Halfway through the bottle, I would burp the baby I was holding, put him into the other boppy pillow with his bottle propped and secured, and then pick up the other baby.  I would then be able to hold him for the remainder of his bottle.  Each baby boy got half their bottles in the boppy with the bottle proper system and half with me holding him.  That way I didn’t have to give up those special feeding times that I so enjoyed.

Yes, it took lots of extra gear – boppy pillows, bottle poppers, burp cloths, receiving blankets, etc., as well as extra prep time before feedings, but it was so worth it in order to be able to hold and snuggle with each of them during their feedings – even if it was only for half of the time.  Bottle feeding twins doesn’t have to mean giving up on the traditional holding and snuggling of feeding time.  I figured it out and think many other moms would have success with this approach as well." 

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Bottle Feeding Twin Babies

Mom feeding baby twins. Photo published with permission of Jennifer Rocco.

Here's another picture of Jennifer feeding her twin boys. As in the previous picture, she uses pillows to arrange her babies around her, so that she can feed them both at the same time.  She explains, "This is a picture of me feeding Jake.  It’s the same overall system (as in the previous picture), but what I loved about this picture was that you can see how I am able to feed Jake while also holding Andrew’s hand.  I have to admit, I miss these days despite all the work!" 

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Big Brother Helps Feed Twin Babies

Big brother helps feed baby twins. Photo published with permission of Jennifer Rocco.

This is big brother, Nicholas, helping out by feeding his baby brothers, twins Jake and Andrew. His mom, Jennifer, who is featured in the two previous photos, wanted to find a way to be close to each baby as she fed them, and worked out a system using pillows (like the Twin Z Pillow). "After having the experience of always being able to hold Nicholas during feedings, I just had to figure out a way to hold Andrew and Jake too!" Her system is simple enough for Nicholas to help feed the babies. "This is what I would do if I needed to take a potty break during a feeding!" 

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