7 Ways to Build a Child's Vocabulary

How to Teach a Preschooler New Words and Establish Early Reading Skills

Before a child can learn to read, he needs to have a good understanding of basic words and what they mean. There are very easy ways that you can build a preschooler's vocabulary and introduce early reading concepts. Here are some vocabulary-building activities that you can do every day that will help you teach your child new words.

Loving the Library

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If you are looking for a great place to start building your preschooler's vocabulary and early reading skills, look no further than your local library. More »

Synonym Substitute

An easy way to introduce your child to new words is to use them yourself. Learn how to become a walking thesaurus and why when it comes to preschool vocabulary building, enormous is better than big. More »

Learning and Reinforcing the Alphabet

This fun ABC game provides children who are learning the alphabet with some reinforcement and confidence. The bonus -- it's a great way to keep your preschooler busy on long car rides, in waiting rooms or while waiting on lines. More »

Use Descriptive Words

When it comes to increasing your child's vocabulary, more is better. The more words that your child hears on a daily basis, the more she'll learn, absorb and eventually put to use herself. More »

Become a Label Maker

If you want your preschooler to learn more words, then make it easy. Say them often, sure, but show them too. Build on her basic comprehension of well-known words by labeling all of these commonly-used items so she learns to recognize what the word looks like. More »

Become a Super Sorter

Seeing is learning when it comes to introducing new words. Teaching your preschooler how to sort and categorize will help their logical thinking and build their vocabulary. A good way to help preschoolers learn new words is to take what they are hearing and help them to visualize it. Here's how. More »

Rhyme Time

The fat cat sat on the mat. The white kite flew at night. How many rhyming words can your preschooler come up with? Rhyming is not only fun to do, but is an easy way to get your child to think about how words can relate to each other. More »

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