How to Build the Perfect Toddler Easter Basket

Make this Easter Memorable with an Easter Surprise Your Toddler Will Love

Parents: Resist the urge to run to the local drugstore and pick up an already-made Easter basket for your toddler. Putting together a one-of-a-kind basket can be fun and the payoff (your excited toddler) will be worth it. All it takes is a little effort and creativity (advance planning helps too, but who has time for that?). Use these ideas to make sure your toddler's Easter basket is a hit!

Start with a good basket.

Kelly Sillaste

It’s a well-known truth about giving large or expensive gifts to toddlers – chances are they’ll want to play with the box instead of the actual toy. When it comes to the Easter basket, you should assume that your little one will want to play with the actual basket. After all, collecting items in a container is developmentally appropriate pastime for one-year-old and two-year-old children.

While you could choose a basket that you can use year-after-year, you could also make the basket part of the fun. Consider a plush or felt Easter container, or even a plastic basket that will be durable enough to live up to a toddler’s wear and tear.

Add a soft toy or stuffed animal.

If your toddler hasn’t hit maximum stuffed animal capacity, Easter is a perfect time to gift him or her a new soft toy to cuddle with. Choose a stuffed animal that is top quality, soft, and floppy—one that will make for a perfect sleeping companion (Melissa and Doug, Organic Farm Buddies, and Jellycat are good brands to start with).

Don’t feel pressured to go overboard with the bunny-themed items either—choose your child’s favorite animal instead. Take cues from your favorite animals from your trips to the zoo, the farm or your story routine. 

Include a toy that will build development skills.

Your toddler's Easter basket can also be educational (sort of). This is a great opportunity to introduce a new, developmentally appropriate toy that will help your toddler learn new skills while having fun. 

Art supplies are a great option for this age group. You can include crayons, markers, water color paints, and colored pencils, as well as a supply of blank paper or construction paper in his basket. Playdough or clay and age-appropriate modeling compounds and encourage rolling, squeezing, cutting and forming the dough into shapes and objects and make great basket gifts as well! 

Top it off with a new book for story time.

Easter is as good as reason as any to invest in a new book for your toddler. And, it's a great opportunity to get a toddler excited and involved with a holiday. For your little one's Easter basket, look for bunny-themed books, like the classic, Pat The Bunny. There are plenty of other Easter book options. Look for your child's favorite characters starring in books about Easter. 

Don't forget a few treats.

So maybe you don't want to go overboard with the sweets with your toddler (no massive chocolate bunnies to see here), but it's fun to include a few edible treats in your little one's Easter basket. Annie's bunny-shaped gummy snacks are a great choice for younger children. So are animal crackers and flavored or plain popcorn. For a little added fun, hide these treats inside of plastic eggs for your toddler to discover! 

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