How To Buy Shoes

Tips for Ensure You Find the Best Shoes

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Buying a pair of shoes seems simple enough, but a few considerations should be made. Your shoes are probably the most important clothing item to determine comfort, so a little extra time when buying can be well worth the effort.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Have your feet measured by a salesperson.
    Many people jump ahead to trying on the shoes without checking the length and width of each foot. It is important to know to proper size of your feet and if your feet are slightly different sizes.
  1. Shop for the larger foot.
    If your feet are different sizes, buy a shoe that best fits the larger foot. If you need, buy an insole to fill space in the other shoe.
  2. Make sure the shoe fits your heel and your toes.
    The toebox should provide ample wiggle room, and the heel should not slip up when walking.
  3. Go for a walk in the store.
    Make sure the shoe is comfortable for a short walk around the store--any pain is only going to be worse on a long walk.
  4. Don't expect a shoe to 'break-in.'
    This is a common misconception that shoes should be purchased snug so they can break-in. Wrong! Shoes should fit when you buy them.


  1. Stand up when measuring your feet.
    Do your footwear shopping towards the end of the day after you've been up and walking for a few hours. Under these conditions your feet will be slightly larger than in the morning. End-of-the-day shopping is the best way to buy footwear.
  2. Remeasure your feet each time you buy new shoes.
    Measure your feet each visit as your shoe size can change over time. And never buy a shoe based on size alone--try them on!

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