How to Calibrate the Nike+iPod Sensor

How to Calibrate the Nike+iPod Sensor

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit with Armband
Nike+ iPod Sport Kit with Armband. Wendy Bumgardner ©

The Nike+iPod sensor should be calibrated for your walking and running strides. The procedure is not at all scary, and the iPod nano does a good job of coaching you through it.

Measure Out a Route to Use for Calibration

The first thing you need is a known-distance course. Most outdoors tracks in the USA are 400 meters around the inside lane (this is about 1/4 mile), and that is a choice for calibration.

If you don't have access to a track, you will want to measure out a route where you can walk or run nonstop that is at least 1/4 mile. You might want to use an online mapping app to do that, or use a GPS app on your cell phone.

If you plan to move the sensor between shoes, especially if they are not Nike+ ready shoes, you should recalibrate the sensor each time you switch it between shoes. Slight variations in the tilt of the sensor can affect the accuracy of the readings.

Calibrating the iPod nano 7th Generation (no sensor)

This nano uses its own internal accelerometer rather than the shoe pod. To calibrate it, wear it on your hip in a pocket or on an armband. Navigate to Fitness, tap Start and do your run or walk continuously for the set distance. At the end, tap End Workout. A calibrate button will appear if the workout is eligible for calibration. Adjust the distance to the distance you actually ran or walked.

The iPod nano 5th Generation similarly will show a Calibration option after any workout over 400 meters and you can use that to calibrate it.

Calibrating the Nike+iPod Sensor with 6th Generation iPod

Nike + iPod Sport Kit
Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Wendy Bumgardner ©

You can find instructions for the different generations of iPods on the site.

Once you are where you are going to do your known-distance workout and you have paired your iPod with your shoe sensor, make sure your both your iPod and shoe sensors are turned on.

6th Generation iPod:

  • Navigate to Fitness, tap the i icon that will be in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Tap the Nike + iPod Sport Kit and select Sensor. Slide that to ON.
  • Now choose Walk Calibration or Run Calibration. You will need to do each separately if you want to calibrate it for each.
  • Follow the instructions on your nano, it will coach you through starting the workout.
  • When you've gone your measured distance, tap End Workout. Now adjust the distance to match the known distance you've walked or run.

Begin Calibration of Nike+iPod Sensor - 4th Generation and Earlier

iPod nano Main Menu
iPod nano Main Menu. Wendy Bumgardner © 2006

Here is a demonstration with an older iPod, 4th Generation and earlier.

Once you are ready at your known-distance route, turn on your iPod nano and select Nike+iPod.

Select "Settings"

Nike+iPod Workout Screen
Nike+iPod Workout Screen. Wendy Bumgardner © 2006

From the Nike+iPod Workout screen, select "Settings."

Choose Sensor

Settings Screen
Settings Screen. Wendy Bumgardner © 2006

From the Setting screen, choose Sensor.

Choose Calibrate

Nike+iPod Sensor Screen
Nike+iPod Sensor Screen. Wendy Bumgardner © 2006

From the Sensor screen, choose "Calibrate"

On-Screen Instructions

On-screen Calibration Instructions
On-screen Calibration Instructions.

On-screen instructions on how to calibrate the Nike+iPod sensor.

Select Walk or Run

Calibration Screen Nike+iPod
Calibration Screen Nike+iPod.

Select either walk or run to calibrate the Nike+iPod sensor. You will want to go your common pace. If you sometimes walk and sometimes run, you will want to calibrate it once for walking and once for running.

Select Distance to Calibrate Nike+iPod Sensor

Calibration Distance Screen
Calibration Distance Screen.

Select a distance to use for calibrating your Nike+iPod sensor.

The choice of 400 meters is the standard distance around the inside lane (lane 1) of an outdoors track.

If you have a different distance you are using, select Custom.

Selecting a Custom Distance to Calibrate the Nike+iPod Sensor

Select Custom Distance Screen
Select Custom Distance Screen.

If you don't have a handy 1/4 mile outdoors track, you can use whatever distance you have measured to calibrate the Nike+iPod sensor.

After selecting Custom, then use the up or down arrows to select your chosen distance.

This distance should be one you can walk or run nonstop using your usual stride.

You should have accurately measured this distance in advance. You might use mileposts on a road, an accurate bike odometer, or a surveyor's wheel.

Begin and End Calibration Workout for Nike+iPod Sensor

Calibration Workout
Calibration Workout.

Select the music playing during your calibration workout.

Now press the center button to begin your calibration workout.

To end your calibration workout, press the Menu button.

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