How to Celebrate Mother's Day While Pregnant

A Pregnant Mother's Day

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Mother's Day only comes around once a year, but many women will wind up celebrating Mother's Day while pregnant, simply because of the length of pregnancy. But just how do you celebrate Mother's Day before your baby is even born? Here are some ideas:

  • Pregnancy Announcement
    Don't laugh but many families choose to use Mother's Day as a day to make the big announcement about their impending birth. This works best in the late first trimester and early second trimester, but technically could be done at any point. This is a great time to gather the family around and focus on a new life.
  • Spending Time Together
    This is a great way to spend Mother's Day - consider it like date night. You get to pick what you want to do all day and do it. This is one that actually works out better prior to kids for many moms.
  • Relax
    Whether your definition of relaxing is breakfast in bed or a day at the spa, spend some time doing nothing. Give yourself permission to simply take care of you for a change. This can be a very nice way to spend a whole day, be it at home in your own bathtub or getting a nice massage.
  • Focus on Baby
    Consider this a good day to focus on becoming parents! Perhaps sign up for a parenting class or two for Mother's Day. Maybe you can get your partner to go shopping for your baby registry. I spent my first Mother's Day working on putting together a cradle for our new baby (Who wasn't due until December!). This is also a nice gift if you happen to be someone who is a bit too focused on pregnancy.
  • Giving Gifts
    Many women have come to expect gifts for Mother's Day - from Dad. If you are in this category, start dropping hints early so that you're not disappointed. I'll admit that many dads simply don't get celebrating Mother's Day before the baby is born. Consider sticking to simple gifts like some mother's jewelry or items for baby.

    Remember, just because your baby is not born yet doesn't mean that you can't celebrate. You're working hard at mothering during pregnancy. Think of the time and effort that goes into all of the planning, the appointments, the concentrating - heck, even picking baby names. There is plenty to celebrate and dreams to look forward to as the next Mother's Day will bring you an arm full of baby.

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