How To Create A Bucket List

How To Create A Bucket List That Fulfills You

Learning how to create a bucket list can help you to make the most of your life. Photo from

Creating a "bucket list" has many benefits. And the benefits vary according to which type of bucket list you create. While the traditional bucket list is intended to be a list of exciting activities you intend to experience before you die, you can also create a bucket list for various stages of your life, or situations you face. Such bucket lists can help you to enjoy life and relieve stress in unique ways.

Here are some different types of bucket lists you can create.

Traditional Bucket List

The traditional bucket list is a list of things you’d like to do before you die (before you “kick the bucket”). The movie The Bucket List showed the story of two men who were battling terminal illnesses and making the most of the time they had left, but virtually anyone can make a bucket list and check items of at their leisure. To make a Traditional Bucket List, just create a list of everything you’d really like to do in your lifetime, add to it as you think of more, and cross off items as you experience them.


Birthday Bucket List

A wonderful way to commemorate a birthday or the passage into a new decade, is to reflect on what you are grateful for and the goals you’ve achieved in the previous year or decade. It’s also inspiring to create a bucket list of what you hope to experience and accomplish in the coming year or decade.

For a Birthday Bucket List, think of things you wish you’d experienced at this age and before, things you’d hoped for as a child, and changes you’d like to see in your life. Ask friends for ideas, and have fun with it! It’s an easy way to ease any stress you may feel about getting older, and get in touch with your excitement about your life and your future.


Milestone Bucket List

If you’d like to make the most of your experiences, you can create a bucket list for each phase of life. For example, a College Bucket List can help you to make the most of your college years and ensure you get closer to meeting all of your goals and expectations for that period of your life. Summer Bucket Lists, Pregnancy Bucket Lists, bucket list for your kids’ childhood experiences, and bucket lists for other phases of life can help ensure that you’re really savoring your experiences, thinking of the goals you have in these areas, and enjoying life. This focus on the positive can help you to better cope with stress you experience during these times.


Goals Bucket List

Traditional bucket lists generally focus on fun experiences people would like to have, but bucket lists can be great for setting and reaching goals as well. Maintaining a Goals Bucket List can help you to get in touch with what you feel is important for your life overall in terms of achievement. A common exercise assigned by life coaches is to create your own obituary—written how you’d ideally like it to be one day. This allows you to really look at what you’d like your life to include, where you would like to be, and what achievements are really important for you to pursue for your own peace of mind.

A Goals Bucket List can function in the same way. List what you’d like to have done in 10 years, or 20 or 5, and see where you can go from there.

Regardless of what type of bucket list you create (and you may have your own ideas to share as well), the bucket list can be a tool for discovering and creating what is most important to you in your life. It can be used as a stress relief tool, a life development tool, or whatever you'd like it to be.