How to Create a First Year Baby Book

Quick Tips for Scrapbooking Special Baby Memories

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One of the most common reasons new parents avoid creating a baby scrapbook album is that they worry the process will be too time-consuming. Although it's true creating separate scrapbook layouts for every milestone from baby's first time rolling over to baby's first haircut would be a substantial project, there's no reason you need to take this approach when making your baby scrapbook album. Creating a first-year baby book that features one layout for each month of your baby's life lets you preserve important memories in just a fraction of the time.

Designing a First Year Baby Book

The easiest way to structure this type of baby scrapbook is to have a title page that provides an introduction to the book, then use one double-page spread for each month of your baby's life. You can close the album with a conclusion that includes your thoughts on how your baby has grown and what you expect the next year to bring. The traditional scrapbook album size is 12 x 12, but you could use an 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 x 8 baby book if you wish.

Using Coordinating Scrapbook Product Lines

To make a baby first-year scrapbook come together quickly, choose one coordinating product line to use as the basis for the entire book. Having patterned paper and embellishments in a page kit that can be mixed and matched as needed will let you easily design attractive layouts in 30 minutes or less. Using the same supplies on each page will also allow you to create a baby scrapbook album that "flows" nicely from one layout to the next.

Designing with Scrapbook Page Sketches

For most scrapbookers, trying to arrange photos and embellishments on the page is the hardest part of designing a layout. Using the same sketch to design each page is a timesaving scrapbook strategy that works especially well for a baby's first-year album. Some people like to do a grid of six to nine photos on the left-hand side of the page, then devote the right-hand side to journaling.

However, you can use whatever design you find most appealing.

If you have one month where you don't have enough photos for the sketch you've selected, you can fill some of these spaces with extra embellishments or squares cut from colorful patterned paper. You can attach small envelopes to each page or create a page pocket from the patterned paper of your choice if you need to include memorabilia on a particular layout.

Scrapbook Journaling Tips for Baby Memory Albums

Obviously, your baby isn't going to be able to remember the events of his first year once he is grown. Therefore, journaling is a very important part of this baby scrapbook project. Your scrapbook journaling for each month should include:

  • Your baby's height and weight at the beginning of the month
  • Important developmental milestones reached during the month
  • Special events that occurred, such as holiday celebrations or family vacations
  • Random everyday memories that you'd like to preserve

Enjoy the Process

When creating your first-year baby scrapbook album, remember that scrapbooking is supposed to be fun! Don't feel pressured to rush through each layout in order to remain "caught up" on your scrapbooking. It's fine to work on pages when you have a few minutes to spare, even if that means you're still scrapbooking hospital pictures after your baby celebrates his first birthday!

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