How to Cut Carbs to Lose Body Fat

Are you eating the right carbs to burn body fat and lose weight? Or have you cut most carbs out of your diet to slim down? The headlines about low carb diets are so confusing. It's really hard to know which carbs to eat and which carbs to avoid. Many times, you read one tip about cutting carbs in one article and then read something completely different in another. 

The best way to manage carbs to lose weight is to rely on evidence-based guidelines. These are the recommendations that are based on clinical studies and peer-reviewed research. Are these carbohydrate guidelines trendy? Nope. But these are the low carb tips and food guides that are used by countless successful dieters who slim down and keep the weight off for good.

Pros and Cons of Counting Carbs

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Does counting carbohydrates work for everyone?  Of course, people selling low carb diets will tell you that it does, but what does the science say about going on a low carbohydrate plan? Go beyond the headlines to get the facts before you decide that carb counting is best for you.


How to Start Counting Carbs to Lose Weight

If you've decided that you are the right type of dieter to lose weight by restricting carbs, then how do you proceed? Should you for a commercial low carb diet? Or should you find a carb program online or in a book? This quick article will give you the basic tips you need to get started on your low carb life.


How Many Carbs in a Low Carb Diet

The number of carbohydrates you consume each day can make or break your low carb plan, according to many experts. But it's hard to know exactly how many carbs to eat because the recommendations vary from diet to diet. Use this guide so that you don't eat too many carbs or go so low that your diet backfires.


What Are Good Carbs and Bad Carbs?

No safe weight loss program recommends that you get rid of all carbs in your diet. Use this guide to figure out which carbohydrates to keep in your diet plan and which ones you should avoid to lose body fat more quickly.


What Are Net Carbs (And How Do I Count Them)?

Some of the most popular low carbohydrate diets require that you count "net" carbs.  Find out what that means and why net carbs make a difference when you're trying to count carbs to lose body fat.


Should I Count Fat, Carbs or Sugar to Lose Weight?

If you're counting carbs to lose body fat, does that mean that fat grams and sugar grams don't count? Can you eat all the fat you want when you go low carb? And what about sugar? Do you really need to know how much you're eating? Get all of the answers to these questions in less than 3 minutes.


Low Carb Diets at

Get quick tips, sound advice and helpful recipes from Verywell's Low Carb Diets section.


Carb Counting Tools and Calculators

Use these online sources and free calculators to quickly and accurately get the carbohydrate counts that you need for all of the foods that you eat.


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