How to Deal with Chronic Pain as a Parent

Parents have a lot to deal with in general. They have to maintain a household, take care of the kids, ensure that there is enough money in the bank, and make life appear easy all at the same time. For some parents, unfortunately that is not the only thing that they have to deal with. Take for instance “Mrs. Smith.” She had to deal with constant waves of pain she felt on a daily basis. For years she had to deal with her chronic pain while being a parent.

So then, how does one do that? Is it even possible? Well, let's find out.

The first and most important step out of this whole article is to talk to your children, if you can. It is important to communicate with your kids and let them know that even though they think you are indestructible, you are not and that you are dealing with a lot of pain. This can make dealing with your pain a lot easier and can help your children understand what you are going through so they can be a bit more considerate. You will probably have more than one talk with them about this. It is important to try to have your children understand even if they don't want or are not in the mood to because contrary to what people or your children might believe, is that parents cannot do everything and actually do need help.

The second step is quite easy, just listen. It is just as important to talk to your kids as it is to listen to what they might have to say.

They will probably have lots of questions and will also be worried about you. That is okay, just remember that dropping this information on them is just as hard as you telling them about your chronic pain. Also ensure them that your chronic pain is not there fault or is caused by them. Most chronic pain has occurred for years and your child might be younger than the pain.

It is important that they do not feel that it is their fault and then fail to ask for help from you because they fear it may cause you pain.

Okay: moving onto the third step, which is a plan. It is important to plan ahead to ensure that you can properly prepare yourself for the crazy week ahead. If you know you have to help your child with their big project, prepare yourself because you know its not going to be easy on you. Also, make sure you give yourself enough time to relax and take your medication because you desire a break and to not deal with that nagging pain for a little while at least.

Finally, find way to helpful yourself out and get help if you need it. If you notice that picking up the toys on the floor by bending straight down is not helping your back, then try to bend your knees and keep your back straight. These little changes can help reduce your pain a lot. Also, if you find yourself unable to pick up after the kids, ask them to do it. You can make a fun game out of it and save yourself the pain. Last of all, if you still find yourself in constant pain, talk to your doctor. They may be able to provide you with some remedies or suggestion to relieve your pain. It is important to ask for help, especially when you need it, because in the end it is hard enough to be a parent.

Don't make it any more complicated by not asking for help when you're in pain. Good luck, and know the pain will soon go away.

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