How to Decorate Folders with Washi Tape

Decorating Folders with Washi Tape - Get Your Supplies

washi tape
Katherine Lee

Washi tape is useful for decorating lots of things, including and especially school supplies like notebooks and folders. You can use vibrant patterns to add some color and life to a plain notebook or folder, or recycle used folders that are still in good shape by covering up old writing with white paper and washi tape. It's a pretty and economical way to reuse old school supplies, and it's good for the environment, too!

  • Here's what you'll need to decorate your folders or notebooks:

  • plain white unlined copy paper
  • scissors
  • washi tapes in various colors and sizes (For this project, I used a red striped tape, a red tape with white polka dots, a narrow light orange, and a wide orange.)

    (NOTE: You can find washi tapes through PriceGrabber or through online retailers like

Use white strips of paper to cover up old writing and make a new label.

washi tape
Katherine Lee

Take strips of unlined white copy paper and place it over any writing, or put it anywhere you want the washi to show through vividly. (Since washi is translucent--with the exception of very dark solid colors--white paper shows off the designs nicely.)

You can also write or print out a new label for your folder or notebook. Have an old Math folder? Presto! Now you can turn it into an English folder.

Begin putting down washi tape around and over the white paper.

washi tape
Katherine Lee

Take your washi tape and put it around the label and on and around the strips of white paper. Whatever you design is up to you!

Ta da! A folder decorated with washi tape.

washi tape
Katherine Lee

Here is just one example of a folder decorated with washi tape. It's so simple, easy, and fast, and yet the results are so completely lovely. Best of all, you've taken something old and made itt better than new!

Create your own designs--whatever you want to make is up to you!

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