How to Do Peacock Pose - Mayurasana

Man in Peacock Yoga Pose (Mayurasana)
David Sacks/Getty Images

Type of Pose: Arm Balance

Benefits: Improves Core Strength


1. Begin on all fours. Then take your knees wide and slide your hands back between your knees.

2. Rotate your arms so that your fingers are toward the back of your mat and your wrists face the front. Bring the pinky sides of your hands to meet. Keep the palms flat. 

3. Round your spine into a cat shape in order to get your elbows into position under your belly.

Bend the elbows to 90 degrees. Your elbows will dig into your belly but keep a firm core.

4. Bring your forehead to the floor. Straighten your legs and place the tops of your feet on your mat.

5. Lift your head off the floor. Shift your weight forward a little bit. Keep your legs and butt actively engaged as your lift your legs parallel to the floor.

Beginners: This is a very challenging pose that requires great strength. If you want to work toward it, keep up a consistent practice. Since the arm position is very awkward, you can practice getting your arms under your body with the elbows pressed into your abdomen. 

Advanced: Advanced practitioners may be able to go for one armed peacock. The hand that you are balancing on should be moved toward the midline. If you are able to lift one arm, extend it by your side or in front of you. 

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