Cold and Flu

How to Dominate Cold and Flu Season

Preventing Illness

Want to eat to boost your immunity? Learn lifestyle tips to curb your cold? Or do you just need to get your flu over as quickly as possible?

Unfortunately, emerging victorious from flu season isn’t as simple as eating a lot of oranges. Managing your immunity and your vaccine schedule requires the kind of information you’re not likely to find in silly listicles and oversimplified clickbait.

That’s why we’re here to cut through the BS. These are our most-read, best-researched articles to guide you and your family through flu season – and out of it as well. 

The best offense is a good defense! Find out all the tips and tricks to keep your immune system stronger than ever. 

Managing Symptoms

When a cold hits, it hits hard - but it doesn't have to. Here's how to get out of your corner, knock out your cold, and emerge victorious as quickly as possible.