How to Eat Less

Looking for tips to eat less? There are ways to eat less at home, ways to eat less around friends and ways to eat less in restaurants. But there is no single set of rules that will help you eat less in every situation. So if you're trying to stop overeating to slim down, you've got to learn different tips for different environments. This guide will help. You'll learn to stop eating too much food and eat fewer calories everywhere you go. 

6 Tips to Eat Less at a Restaurant

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It doesn't matter if you dine solo or go to the restaurant with friends. Eating out is one of the quickest ways to derail your diet. But it doesn't have to be that way. The seat you choose and even the outfit you choose to wear can make a difference in the calories you consume. Learn all six tips to eat less when you eat out.

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7 Ways to Eat Less Around Family and Friends

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Do you know how to you eat less when you're at a party or a bar or at a family dinner? We often eat too much in these situations because we are distracted and because the people around us influence our food choices. So how do you make it stop? Use these seven tips to eat less when you're surrounded by friends and family.

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3 Ways to Stop Eating So Much at Night

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Diet experts often recommend that we stop eating at 7pm. But how do you stop eating when the refrigerator is always calling your name? It's not easy, but it is possible with these three simple strategies to stop eating at night after dinner. 

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5 Ways to Eat Less at Work

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You spend most of your waking hours at work, so if you overeat on the job you're likely to gain weight. So how do you eat less at the office? Scientists at Cornell have come up with five science-backed strategies to eat less and burn more calories while you earn your salary.

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15 Foods That Curb Hunger to Help You Eat Less

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Did you know that you can learn to eat less by choosing special hunger-busting foods? It's true! Foods with fiber empty from your stomach slowly and make you feel full longer so you stop eating when you're not hungry. This list of 15 foods will help you to fill up so you eat less calories all day long.

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3 Tips to Eat Less When You Watch Television

eat less when you watch television
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Do you need to learn how to stop eating when you watch TV? It's so easy to overeat when you are distracted by your favorite show. There are even certain shows that might cause you to eat more.  Learn three tips for eating less when you watch television.

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11 Ways to Eat Less at a Fast Food Restaurant

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You already know that you should avoid fast food when you're trying to slim down. But there are times when you're busy and you just can't avoid the drive-thru. So how do you keep the calories in control? This guide has complete meals from 11 of the most popular fast food restaurants to keep your diet in control.

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3 Tips to Eat Less at Holiday Meals

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Do you overeat on Thanksgiving or at the Easter buffet? If you feel stress at holiday events or even at typical family dinners, you are likely to take it out in your food intake. Instead use these three creative strategies to eat less when your stress level is high. 

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