How to Eat Less When You Watch Television

3 tips help you eat better during football games, movies or evening viewing

eat less in front of the TV
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Have you ever heard of those diets that tell you to eat less after a certain hour in the evening?  They often work because many of us snack mindlessly in the evening while we are watching television. There are even certain types of television shows that may make you eat more food.

But overeating can also can also happen during Super Bowl parties, Academy Awards get-togethers or even when you’re just home alone watching a movie.

  If you cut out the indulgent snack-fest, you decrease your calorie intake overall and lose weight.

Snacking in front of the television (or computer screen) isn’t necessarily bad, but if your attention is on the screen, it’s probably not on the quantity or quality of food that you are eating.  The distraction makes it easy to overeat high-calorie junk food.  If you like to snack when you watch tv, use these tips to eat less and make better food choices.

3 Tips to Eat Less While Watching Television

  1. Never eat out of a bag or a bowl.  Plate your food and pace yourself.  If you are enjoying Super Bowl snacks, grab a small plate and choose your favorite foods.  Then make a deal with yourself not to refill the plate for a certain amount of time – like an hour or a quarter of the game.  Chat with your friends, drink water or focus on football to avoid grabbing more food or diving into large bowls of high-fat treats. (I also play the "next-commercial game" to skip eating altogether when I watch television)
  1. Eat more filling food.  Try to choose foods that are high in protein or fiber.  These foods will help you to feel full faster so that you don’t overeat.  Unfortunately many of the snacks that we eat when we watch television are salty, fried, or starchy foods, like potato chips or pretzels.  Salty foods often make us crave sweet foods – and then we crave salty food again.  It becomes a downward spiral.
    If you plan to attend a movie-watching party, Academy Awards or Super Bowl party, bring your own healthy snacks so you have something healthy to enjoy.  Use my list of Healthy Super Bowl Food Swaps to get ideas.
  1. Make better beverage choices.  Mindless drinking can cause weight gain, especially during football games or other sporting events.  If you’re going to drink during the game, make better beer choices and choose brands with fewer calories.  You can also make your own flavored water.  Many people cut out booze altogether or cut back on drinking to lose weight.

Remember, you are the one who is control when you watch tv at night.  You don't have to snack when you watch television. If you can learn to make healthy choices about snacking, weight loss gets a little bit easier.

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