How to Exercise More Often as a Hepatitis Patient

Exercise More Often as a Hepatitis Sufferer

The kind of lifestyle you have can make you prone to certain medical conditions. You may not see the effects instantaneously, but when one continues to neglect standard health tips such as proper sleep and adequate nutrition, as a hepatitis patient, you can expect to become more vulnerable to certain sicknesses. Before you know it, you may discover that you’ve ended up with hepatitis.

About Hepatitis

The inflammation of one’s liver is called hepatitis. Viruses are considered a cause of hepatitis, but autoimmune disease and toxic substances can also, unfortunately, pave the road for a surprise hepatitis attack. This disease has many types and it’s also caused by various factors. Exercise is actually important in the struggle against many different forms of hepatitis. Here are the five main types:

  • A – Caused by eating or drinking contaminated water or food.
  • B -  Transmitted through semen, blood and other body fluids from a carrier of the disease
  • C – Caused by having direct contact with infected blood. Contamination of anesthesia apparatus is another possible cause.
  • D - In general, you can only contract this if you’re already infected with the hepatitis B virus. You can get it through the use of infected needles, unprotected sexual intercourse, and having contact with infected blood.
  • E- Brought about by drinking water soiled with the virus or engaging in anal and oral sex with an infected individual.
  • X – This is still caused by an unknown virus, but has links to the other types.
  • G - Caused by the G virus. If there are any symptoms, they may just be mild; however, there are no consistent indicators known for this virus.

As you can see, these types of viruses are very alarming. It used to just be classified from A to E.

Hepatitis X and G are the newest known classes of hepatitis. This just goes to show that the immune system cannot subdue all viruses and an unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of exercise has a great effect on a hepatitis sufferer’s health.

Awareness of Treatments

Treatment for this disease is possible nowadays because of advances in technology. This has finally opened new possibilities and begotten hope for those patients greatly suffering from the disease. As of today, full-scale vaccinations are only available for hepatitis types A and B.  There is still no total cure for type C. That’s why prevention is still more important than cures to many medical pundits, especially when the full remediation isn’t even known.  A proper diet, exercise and others recommended by your doctor should be grasped to aid in recovery and prevention of the disease.

How Often Should Hepatitis Patients Exercise?

Aside from proper diet, doing exercise is also great for you. It is valid, however, to be concerned about the safety in engaging in physical activity given your current condition.

Allowing your condition to block you from living a more normal life is also not the best thing to do. Even though you have an illness, you are in fact capable of doing things that healthy populations can do, just not necessarily at the same level. When it comes to exercise, you definitely cannot always follow the same routines that everyone else does at the gym.

It is advised that you do some more moderate activity, such as aerobic activity, for at least thirty minutes a week. You can also try some strengthening activities for your muscles, though only two days a week. These low impact activities are just right for those who have moderate or mild liver function. For those who have serious liver conditions, however, doing these workouts will just help the virus spread to other segments of your body.


The modern world today has brought so many changes to people’s lives, especially in the field of medicine and health. Before, there were no medicines and health equipment that could have been used to cure people, but now, there are so many known cures for a variety of diseases. There are still some diseases, such as hepatitis C, where the ultimate solution hasn’t been identified yet, or vaccines have been fostered but aren’t available to the general masses.  Despite this, you can still contest your hepatitis to a certain extent by exercising. Having the apt amount of sleep, proper diet, and exercises will greatly assist you in commanding a healthier lifestyle in the past, present, and future.


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