How to Like Your Body When You're on a Diet

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Weight loss is called a battle for a reason. You often feel like you are at war with your body when you're trying to slim down. Of course, a strong commitment to your program is important, but you shouldn't have to feel like your body is the enemy if it's not a certain size.  In fact, that kind of negative thinking can have a defeating effect.

What works better is to learn to love your body at every stage in the weight loss process.

If you feel confident about the way you look, it's easy to believe in yourself and stay confident during the challenges that come up along the way. So how do you fall in love with your body? Celebrate it!

Like Your Body at Any Size

Dress for now. Want to know if a woman loves her body? Look in her closet. It's not the brand of clothing that makes a difference, but the size of the clothing that matters most. Some women hold on to clothing that doesn't fit in hopes that it will fit again one day. Others refuse to invest in clothing that fits them properly because they are going to slim down "soon." 

Both of those wardrobe decisions belittle that body that you have right now.  In order to really love your body, you need to honor the way it looks at your current weight. To do that, invest in a few wardrobe items that fit your body properly and accentuate your positive features. Use a stylist at a local department store if you're not sure what to pick.

You can even buy clothing that helps you burn more calories during the day. A stylish outfit that fits well and shows off your assets will help you stand taller all day long.

Spa night.  Indulgent activities like a manicure or pedicure or a facial can make you feel better about the way you look. Spa therapies like relaxation massage can even have weight loss benefits.

But not everyone has the budget for regular spa visits. So why not celebrate spa night at home? 

To create a spa night at home, just gather a few inexpensive ingredients at your local drug store to pamper your face, nails and body. In addition to fresh or sexy nail polish colors, treat yourself to a facial scrub and moisturizer.  No money for a massage? Try a bath with epsom salts to soothe tired muscles and reinvigorate yourself.

Photo shoot. If you've tried the top two suggestions and you're still not fully in love with your body, then schedule a photo shoot for yourself. Sound silly? It's not.  Many photographers do pin-up or boudoir style photo shoots for women who are not models. But with the right team of experts, they can make you look like you are.

Becky Yee is a New York City fashion photographer and the owner of Vintage Vanga Photography Studio. In addition to her work with top industry professionals, she also specializes in vintage and retro style photo shoots for ordinary women.  "How can you not love your body when you see a gorgeous picture of yourself," she says.

Becky uses vintage styling with many of her models because it celebrates their curves. "Pin up photography was developed at a time when curves were in.

Even the clothing and lingerie at that time was geared towards a curvier figure." But she says that ultimately it's the smile that makes the difference. "What you don't think is sexy is often very sexy. When you're smiling in your picture it makes you more inviting and attractive. With a smile, we can all be sexy in a fun and playful way."

Regardless of which method you use, it's worth your time to honor and celebrate the way that you look and feel. So take an hour or two each week to fall in love with your body. If you're trying to lose weight, these simple steps will help to make the process more enjoyable and effective.

And if you're not trying to lose weight, it's a great way to boost your confidence and reinvigorate your spirit.

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