How to Find a Toilet

Tools for Finding Safe, Clean Public Toilets and Rest Rooms

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A universal necessity when traveling is to have the ability to find available public toilets and restrooms. One could argue that indoor plumbing is the greatest advancement of civilized living. I now introduce you to my self-appointed candidate for second place –- internet tools that guide you toward safe, clean bathroom facilities. These tools allow you to confidently plan an outing, using your computer or your mobile phone.

Bathroom-finding tools present a wonderful resource for everyone but are particularly valuable for people who have health conditions that require quick and easy access to a restroom.

Worldwide Resources is a user-friendly site. Opening the home page brings you to a map of your current location covered with flags marking available public toilets. When you scroll over each flag, the location is identified and an address provided. If you click on the location, more detailed information is provided. You are also given the option of typing in your desired locale to be transferred to the appropriate map. Coverage is worldwide, although the amount of available options varies by location.

The site also has an ‘Add a Toilet” function. This allows you to identify an available restroom, rate it, and provide information about amenities, such as handicap accessibility, private stalls, or the presence of an attendant.

In addition to accessing the site through the internet, there is an app available for use on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry. You can also use SMS/Texting to have the nearest facility sent to your mobile phone.

Geographically Specific Resources

National Public Toilet Map (Australia)

This site is a great resource if you live in Australia.

The site displays over 14,000 public toilet facilities. One valuable tool is a “Trip Planner,” which helps you locate restrooms along your travel route.

Find a Toilet Apps

Great idea - find a toilet with your mobile device. The following are some of the available app options. Click on the link for further information.

Bathroom Map App

This handy app provides quick visual feedback as to how open the access is to each available toilet in the area that you are searching.

The Bathroom Finder App

This app offers speed but needs more locations to be truly useful.

Public Toilets App

Unfortunately, this is an app with some limitations in terms of its helpfulness. Luckily, there is a free version, so you can try it out for yourself.

SitOrSquat Find a Toilet App

This user-friendly app takes advantage of the large online database found at

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