How to Find and Join a Walking Club

Enjoy Walking with Others

Team of Walkers at Race
Team of Walkers at Race. Hero Images/Getty Images

Joining a walking club can serve several goals:

  • Safety in numbers.
  • Good choice of group walking routes.
  • Meeting other walkers and walking partners.
  • Sharing tips on walking technique, shoes, gear.
  • Participating in organized walking activities, trips, social events.

Walking Clubs

AVA/IVV Clubs: Non-competitive volkssport walking clubs host and participate in 10K walking events. The IVV is the largest walking club organization in the world, with thousands of member clubs, including over 500 in the USA and Canada.

These clubs vary from mom-and-pop clubs to those with hundreds of members. If you find more than one in 50 miles of you, give each a call to see which one best suits your needs. You may also want to form your own club.

Racewalk Clubs: If you need speed, racewalk clubs will assist you in learning legal racewalk technique and finding competitions. You will experience the thrill of passing runners during 10K fun runs. The club search at can help you find clubs that don't have web sites, or individual racewalkers around the country.

Mall walking clubs:These clubs are organized individually, so call or visit your local mall to see if they have an organized program for walking. These clubs will generally concentrate on walking indoors for exercise.

Running Clubs: Many running clubs also accept walkers as members, and some have a large contingent of walkers and many events organized for either runners or walkers.

Road Runners Club of America: Hundreds of clubs throughout the USA.

Other Places to Look:

  • Medical centers and heath maintenance organizations are good places to contact to find local walking clubs, as many sponsor walking groups. Your health insurance carrier may recommend walking groups.
  • Check your local running shoe stores for brochures and publications which list walking and running clubs. Some stores have their own running and walking club that meets regularly to run and walk together.
  • Health clubs may sponsor walking and running groups, and be sure to check their bulletin board and web site for brochures or announcements.
  • Participate in a local charity walking event and ask others where to find walking clubs.
  • Meet-up Groups: Search for local walking groups on the web site.
  • Social Media: Check Facebook, Twitter and other social media for walking groups and clubs.

Virtual Walking Clubs

When you can't find any groups in your area, but you would still like the support of a club, consider these options.

  • Fitness App Virtual Clubs and Friends: With Fitbit and other trackers and apps, you can often add friends who use the same device or app. Then you can challenge each other, send messages and cheers and keep each other going.
  • About Walking Facebook Page: Keep up with what is new with walking via this Facebook page.
  • Walklist Email Group: Walklist has over 600 members worldwide. Members may post messages to the list, but you can also read the messages via a web interface without joining. This friendly list is a good place to get support. About half of the members are volkssport walkers. You can search past messages for keywords of interest.
  • Racewalk Email Group: Racewalk has over 350 members worldwide and it is run in the same way as Walklist. Visit the web interface to join, read or search the archives. The members include world-class walkers and coaches as well as beginners, a place where both serious competitors and interested participants can learn more about the sport and share questions, answers, and ideas.

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