Where to Find Low-FODMAP Recipes

Loving what the low-FODMAP diet is doing for you, but wondering what to eat next? One of the most important resource for diet success is to have a wide variety of recipes on hand. When you prepare your own meals, you have full control over what is going into the food you eat and less worry about hidden high-FODMAP ingredients.

In order to help you to maximize your success with the diet, we have pulled together some of the best low-FODMAP recipe sites. And as you will see, many of the sites offer you more than just recipes - they also offer resources that can help you to be successful on the diet. One really wonderful benefit of visiting these sites is that they will show you that you no longer have to eat a bland diet. As long as you keep the FODMAP level low in your diet, you can once again enjoy your food without worrying that you will have to pay for your choices later.

When choosing recipes, it would be wise to do a double-look at the ingredient lists. New information about the FODMAP levels of foods is continually coming out of Monash University in Australia. Some of the recipes you find on the sites may have been based on outdated information. Your best source for updated information is the Monash University app. If you find a recipe that looks appealing, but has ingredients that have been found to be high-FODMAP, see what you can do to improvise. 

The FODMAP Friendly Vegan

pumpkin amaranth porridge
Image: Sharon Rosenrauch

This site, hosted by Sharon Rosenrauch, author of the The FODMAP Friendly Vegan, offers delicious-looking soups, snacks, breakfast and mains. All of her recipes are made with nutrient-dense whole foods. You don't have to be a vegan to enjoy all of these super-healthy, low-FODMAP foods. Click here to visit Sharon's site...


Low FODMAP Diet logo
Image: Larah Brook

This site is hosted by Larah Brook, who found IBS relief through the low-FODMAP diet. She offers recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and special occasions. Her site offers information about the diet and she encourages site visitors to share their own experiences. Click here to visit Larah's site...

A Little Bit Yummy

A Little Bit Yummy graphic
Image: Alana Scott

This site is the work of Alana Scott, who holds the distinction of being a regular recipe writer for the Monash University low-FODMAP blog. On her site, Alana offers delicious-looking recipes that include ideas for every type of meal and snack that you might think of. Click here to visit Alana's site...

Life and Thymez

Image: Zlata Thoughts

This site, hosted by a woman named Zlata, is packed with a very wide assortment of recipes, including those for snacks, main courses and desserts. In addition to the recipes, she provides sample meal plans and an extremely helpful shopping list that provides information about popular brand name foods. Click here to visit Zlata's site...


Chicken and vegetable stir fry
Image: Cecelie

This site is hosted by a woman named Cecilie, who is based out of Norway. Cecilie is the author of a low-FODMAP cookbook and travel book.Her site offers a wide variety of low-FODMAP recipes. Click here to visit Cecilie's site...

My Gut Feeling

This site, hosted by Joana, focuses on food sensitivities, including FODMAPs. She offers a wide variety of recipes, including a unique and oh-so-helpful "Take to Work" category. Click here to visit Joana's site...

Not From a Packet Mix

This site, hosted by a woman named Natty, offers a wide variety of recipes that are appropriate for both low-FODMAP and fructose malabsorption diets. The site also includes relevant research as well as tips for travelling low-FODMAP. Click here to visit Natty's site...

The well-balanced FODMAPer

This site is authored by Kate Scarlata RDN, a dietitian and author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to IBS". In addition to recipes, she offers a variety of printable resources for the low FODMAPs diet, including a printable shopping list and a checklist of high and low FODMAPs foods. Click here to visit Kate's site...

Balanced Grub: Diet and Wellbeing

This site is hosted by Kate, a certified nutritionist and health coach. In addition to offering a wide variety of delicious-looking low-FODMAP recipes, she also offers gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and weight loss recipes. Click here to visit Kate's site...


This website offers a compilation of a wide variety of recipes. Recipes that are listed as low-FODMAP are not necessarily low-FODMAP but instead are offered with notes at the bottom of the recipe as to how to modify the recipe so as to be consistent with a low-FODMAP diet. The site indicates that it provides an excess of 80 recipes. Although there is no clear-cut organization, each recipe is accompanied by an attractive photo. Options include entrees, desserts, bread, and soups. Click here to visit...


This site offers a wide variety of low-FODMAP recipes, including entrees, side dishes, snacks, desserts and smoothies. Also included are some low-FODMAP resources and  a forum! Click here to visit...

Spicy R.D. Nutrition

This site is hosted by E.A. Stewart, who calls herself the Spicy RD. On her site she offers recipes to suit many diets, e.g. low-FODMAP, Paleo, Gluten-Free, etc. Click here to visit her low-FODMAP recipe page.

Everyday Nutrition

This site is run by Joanna Baker, a dietitian and a registered nurse. Her blog contains a wide variety of low-FODMAP recipes. Click here to visit...

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