How to Get Fit to Lose Weight

Learn how to lose weight faster with more effective workouts

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Are you ready to get lean and get in shape? During this step of my program, you will learn how to get fit to lose weight. You'll improve your fitness level so that you can complete more energetic workouts. But don't worry. That doesn't mean you have to exhaust yourself at the gym every day. I've built a program that allows for easy days and plenty of recovery.

But before we begin, first give yourself credit for the steps you’ve already accomplished.

You’ve built an exercise habit with easy exercise and you’ve set up a solid foundation for a lifelong program of healthy exercise. Congratulations! Now you are going to build on that success.

It’s time to incorporate longer, moderate intensity workouts into your weekly program. To do that, you’ll spend two to three weeks completing the steps I’ve listed below. During this phase of the program, you should start to see results on the scale – just remember to keep your food portions in control!

How to Get Fit to Lose Weight

During this phase of the program, you can continue to do the kind of aerobic activity that you've already been doing. If you like to walk, you can keep walking. If you're a jogger, then keep running. The type of workout matters less than the way that you structure your program. But if you want bonus points, vary your program with a few different kinds of exercise.

  • Step One: Add Moderate Intensity Workouts
    So far in the program, you've been doing easy workouts everyday. But now it's time to bump up the workload. Start to add moderate intensity workouts to burn more fat and calories. These workouts will help you lose weight faster.
  • Step Two: Find Out If Your Workout Is Hard Enough
    You can't change your workout intensity unless you monitor your workout intensity. Use this guide to learn about the different ways to check your workout intensity and to make sure that you are working hard enough.
  • Step Three: Find Out If Your Workout Is Long Enough
    Do you know how long you should exercise to burn the right number of calories? The answer should vary from day to day. You should complete some shorter workouts and some longer endurance sessions each week. Find out why it matters and how to make your workouts more effective with these tips.
  • Step Four: Avoid Common Workout Mistakes
    Don't fall victim to the most common workout blunders. There are reasons that some people don't lose weight no matter how often or how hard they exercise. Nip these mistakes in the bud.

Remember that the purpose of this phase of the e-course is to build your fitness level. Take as much time as you need to progress though it. As you complete longer workouts and harder sessions you'll start to burn more fat and calories and see real results on the scale.

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