How to Get Skinny and Healthy

how to get skinny fast to fit into skinny jeans
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Do you have a special reason that you need to get skinny fast? As a weight loss expert, I don't like to recommend programs that promote quick weight loss. But as a woman, I know that there are some occasions when we want to slim down quickly to fit into a pair skinny jeans, look great in a bikini or rock a special cocktail dress.

There are lots of ways to get skinny fast. Most of them are terribly unhealthy - and completely ineffective.

Trust me, I've tried a few and they don't work. I've learned from experience that you either end up looking dehydrated and exhausted or the cravings become too extreme, the diet backfires and you end up gaining weight instead of losing.

So is there any way to get skinny and stay healthy? Yep, there is. But you have to follow a few rules, and you may not like the first one.

How to Get Skinny in 3 Steps

1. Put down the magazines and stand in front of the mirror. The first step in your body makeover is to redefine "skinny." Your body's version of skinny is going to be different than the version of skinny that you see in the tabloids. In fact, most of the models in fitness and fashion magazines aren't even as skinny as they are appear. They're photoshopped. And besides, looking gaunt should never be your goal.

So what's your best version of skinny? You probably already know it. Think about how much you weighed when you feel that you looked your best.

What was your weight when you were most active, most fit and felt most confident? How much did you weigh when you felt good in your favorite outfit? That is your skinny. Make that weight your goal, keeping in mind that thinner is not always better. (Imagine Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet or Kim Kardashian without their fabulous curves?!)

2. Get serious about food. Have you ever heard the phrase that weight loss happens in the kitchen, not the gym? It's absolutely true, especially if you want to get skinny fast.  If you want to make drastic changes to your body, then you need to make drastic changes to your diet. But that doesn't mean that you stop eating. In fact, if you stop eating, you'll do more harm than good.

Instead, change the foods you eat. Avoid foods that have low nutritional value and foods that cause bloating. Throw away salty, starchy processed foods, even if they are foods that are advertised as diet foods or healthy foods. The best foods for weight loss are foods that are naturally low in calories and low in sodium. Foods with a high water content are perfect. Try strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe or raspberries. Radishes, cauliflower and peppers are great too. These foods keep you hydrated, they're crunchy and spicy and they are often full of healthy nutrients. Build each meal around a single serving of lean protein and then fill the rest of your dish with fruits and veggies.

3. Go easy on the exercise.  This is going to be a strange recommendation coming from a lifelong fitness expert, but if you want to get skinny fast, I'd skip the vigorous exercise - at least for now. Why? Because the decrease in calories from your diet overhaul will affect your energy level. And you may be too tired for an effective high intensity workout. Even if you do complete the workout, the fatigue that happens afterward could cause you to binge eat or to spend the rest of the day on the couch.

Instead, use natural methods to keep your energy levels high and increase your daily non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). The calories you burn from NEAT are often greater than the calories you burn during a workout anyway, so there's no need to feel guilty for skipping the gym.

How to Stay Skinny

If you reach your goal and get into your skinny jeans, or bikini or cocktail dress, don't let your efforts go to waste. Make adjustments to your quick weight loss plan to maintain the weight loss and keep the pounds from coming back.

Check your caloric intake and make sure that you are getting the calories you need to start and build a balanced exercise program. Then build your program gradually.  Add in a few of those favorite foods that you let go of during your skinny phase and consider moving to an 80/20 eating plan for a more balanced lifestyle and eating plan.

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