7 Ways to Have a Fun Family Movie Night

Tips on choosing the best new kids movies, classic kids movie DVDs, and more

Looking for ideas for your next family movie night? Sure, it's fun to go to a movie theater sometimes, but these days, it's super easy to stay at home and create a fun movie night without having to leave the comfort of your house. (Yay, Netflix!). With just a few simple touches, you can turn your living room into a movie theater and turn an ordinary night into a fun and memorable movie night.

And the best part: You'll not only save tons of money, you can eat healthier snacks, stretch out your feet, snuggle together under the blanket, get kids to use their imaginations and learn something, and not worry about taking bathroom breaks. Here are some easy ways to create a great family movie night at home.


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The first step in having a great family movie night is to find the best movie for your family. Not sure which new kids movies in theaters or new family movies out on DVD are right for your brood? To find out which kids movies are worth your family’s time and money and are free of content you might find objectionable for your grade-schooler, check out these tips for choosing the right kids movies for your family movie nights.


Let kids take turns learning all about and then hosting a theme.

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Here's a fun way to get school-age kids to learn about a favorite topic (say, the history of princesses at Disney, women heroes in history, animals, or baseball), and then "host" a movie. Help your child research the topic of her choice and then work with you to find a movie that fits the theme. She can teach everyone about what she learned before the screening and then you can have a discussion session after the film!

Make it dinner and a movie night.

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You can make your family movie night even more special by letting kids have pizza. Yes, it's important for kids' health and development to minimize screen time and eat family dinner without distractions as often as you can. But once in a while, it can be a fun and special treat and a break from the routine to order a pizza and eat it on the sofa for family movie night.

Make movie theater tickets.

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Create some movie tickets with your kids and have them later take your ticket, give you a stub, and usher you to your seat. You can also have kids draw a picture of a character from the movie or a favorite scene from the trailer and see how it matches up to the movie after you watch the film.

Have some healthy snacks.

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Family movie night wouldn't be complete without some snacks to munch on while you enjoy your movie. Try these healthy snack ideas that kids will love. And if your family loves popcorn, just pop some kernels in an air popper or in a pot over the stove with a little canola oil for an extra-healthy and simple treat.

Get your jammies on.

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A family movie night at home means you can get really comfy. Change into most comfy pajamas, get a big blanket to snuggle under, and enjoy the show while you're relaxed, comfortable, and cozy. 

Introduce kids to a mix of classic and new kids' movies.

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There are so many amazing movies for kids these days. In addition to classic oldies like Mary Poppins and Disney's Pinnochio and Snow White, there are the beautiful new gems like Wall-E and Inside Out and Miyazaki's Ponyo (or really almost anything by Miyazaki). Mix it up and introduce kids to an assortment of different old and new movies for kids.

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