Healthy Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Grilling Tools

All-Clad BBQ tool accessories

Need a gift idea for Father's Day that will help the man in your life stay healthy or lose weight? Give him tools for the barbecue. Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to prepare lean cuts of meat and fish. New tools will encourage to eat healthy meats and veggies more often.

Father's Day gift idea: A new manly set of grilling tools may help your hubby get psyched about grilling. This rugged set by All-Clad retails for about $120.00 at retailers like Macy's, Williams-Sonoma or Amazon.

Quick tip to help your husband stay healthy: Offer to prepare the meat in advance if your husband does the grilling. Then use lean cooking methods to prepare steak, fish or poultry.  Skip the starchy side dishes and instead get as many veggies in the meal as possible by making a hearty salad or delicious kebabs.

Healthy Manly Meat

Omaha Steaks

Of course, your husband is going to be more excited about grilling if the meat on the grill is hearty, filling and delicious.  Yes, you can eat steak on a diet, but there are other great foods to grill, as well. Try bison, tuna steaks, salmon, swordfish or even tofu!

Father's Day gift idea: Get the man in your life a box of his favorite lean steaks delivered right to your door. At Omaha Steaks you can see nutritional information for all of their products before you buy.  Consider their best lean cuts of meat, poultry, fish or pork.

Quick tip to help your husband get healthy: To encourage your husband to eat leaner meat, research and try new recipes.  You can cook the perfect pork chop on the grill or make a delicious grilled salmon with dill and lemon to help your hubby get the healthy fat he needs to live a long and vigorous life.

Stylish Activity Monitor

Fitbit Blaze with Metal Links band

A lot of women wear activity monitors and fitness trackers. Some of the brands even have bands that make it easier to wear them with dressy outfits. But choices for men are more limited.

Father's day gift idea:  Get dad an activity monitor that he can wear during workouts, at the office, and out for a night on the town. The Fitbit Blaze is a great option because you can customize it with a variety of bands, including a metal link band, a leather band, or the comfortable classic band.

Quick tip to help your husband improve activity: If you have an activity band yourself, compare notes at the end of the day. You can support each other or even set up challenges within the family to improve activity and health.

Sporty Active Clothes

workout clothes for men
tasc Performance

If you're a fit woman, you've already embraced the athleisure trend. You're wearing the clothes that help you to burn more calories all day long. So why not help your husband take advantage of the same benefit?

Father's Day gift idea: Companies like tasc Performance make performance wear for men that wicks sweat away from the skin and even provides protection from the sun. You'll also find great budget-friendly items at stores like Sports Authority. Their new Champion GEAR menswear collection has shorts and pants with zippered pockets for men who like to carry keys, IDs, or credit cards.

Quick tip to help your husband exercise more often: Don't just limit gifts to workout apparel. Comfortable work shoes and casual wear may help your man feel better, stay active, and burn more calories all day long.  

Body Fat Scale

help your husband lose weight
HIROSHI WATANABE/a.collectionRF amana images/ Getty Images

I never recommend giving a body weight scale as a gift, especially if the gift recipient is overweight. But sometimes, the man (or woman) in your life actually asks for a scale.

Father's Day gift idea: Buy a body weight scale that also measures body fat and muscle mass. A BIA scale does just that and many of them connect to a smartphone app for added convenience. There are several on the market, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, consider the Pivotal Living scale. It looks great and costs hundreds less than the pricier models. 

Quick (and tricky) tip to help your husband get lean: If your husband doesn't ask for a body weight scale, then buy one for yourself. Replace the old-school scale that only measures weight. Buy a model that is programmable so that you can adjust the settings for weight, gender, and activity level to get the most accurate readings.

Hire a Trainer

Echo/ Cultura/ Getty Images

If you want your husband to lose weight or get fit, get him the help he needs to reach his goal. A certified trainer can perform a complete health and movement assessment and then create a smart program that will help your man reach his goals.

Father's day gift idea: Get your husband a gift certificate for personal training sessions. Find a trainer through an organization like the American College of Sports Medicine or the American Council on Exercise. If your husband likes to crunch numbers, ask the trainer if he can do metabolic testing to provide your husband with more specific data about the most effective ways to lose fat.

Quick tip to help your husband reach fitness goals: If a personal trainer won't work in your budget or schedule, then connect with your hubby's friends. Sometimes buddies make the best workout coaches. Offer to pick up a few extra chores around the house so your husband has time to play a pick-up game of basketball, go for a bike ride, or hike with his friends.

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