Host a Baby Shower with Kids as Guests - Games & More

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Why a Kids Baby Shower?

You might be thinking I've lost my mind with a baby shower where kids are the main guests. But think of situations where the mother-to-be has a lot of special little ones in her life that aren't really of age for the grown up shower. It might be a teacher your child is close to or a babysitter, even a much older sister. This is a way to allow a child to celebrate a new baby in an age appropriate and fun manner.

Timing of a Kids Shower

Depending on the age of the children invited, be sure to avoid hard times of day like nap times, sports practice etc. Your choice of time should also take into account the transportation needs of the children involved, like working parents. So if you're doing this for a teacher, you may wish to hold the baby shower towards the end of a school day or at the very end with parents permission. Afternoons also work really well if done during lunch time or just before dinner time. Do what works best for the kids involved.

Food for a Baby Shower with Kids

Food will depend on the time of day that you host your shower. But fun finger foods are nearly always welcomed. Small sandwiches, cut up fruit and vegetables arranged on plates, fun candies like M & Ms and mints, maybe even in pink or blue. The food should be kid friendly and yet a bit fancier than their lunch to signal to them it's a special day.

Consider letting some of the older kids help with food preparation where appropriate. For example, you could make sandwiches and allow another child to help cut the sandwiches with cookie cutters.

Baby Shower Cakes or Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the ideal baby shower cake for little kids. They don't require cutting which can save on mess and can ease the pain of the slow handing out of goodies.

They can also be made in different flavors which can help address issues of food preferences. You could even have undecorated cupcakes and allow the kids to decorate the cupcakes as part of the shower by providing small candies, treats and icing.

Baby Shower Presents

This can be a difficult one to gauge depending on who the kids are who are coming. I'd recommend keeping gifts low-key and inexpensive, but I do think most kids enjoy the ability to give a present to the new baby. The Baby Book Shower often works really well and helps kids spread the love of reading. Baby books are often inexpensive presents as well.

Baby Shower Games for Kids

Baby shower games are known for being silly. This makes kids a perfect target. For example, a group of 4th graders would probably get a really big kick out of a dirty diaper game or the rice game. I really enjoy doing a guessing game of the sex, weight and birth date of the baby. This can make a cute keepsake and is sure to provide laughs. I do, however, suggest against awarding prizes for games.

Having the kids draw a picture of the baby and talk about it can also be fun. You might even specify drawing the child and baby together. Think of these as more of small craft projects rather than games.

Baby advice is another fun one.

Invitations to a Kids Baby Shower

Unlike other showers, you need to be sure that the parents get the invitation to ensure your little guests arrive. Evites and other electronic invitation systems work really nicely. Plus they give you easy access to keep up with who has responded yes or no.

Childcare and Supervision During a Kids Shower

One thing that you need to plan for with a kids baby shower is extra help from adults to keep the party going and the guests in line. The mother-to-be is the guest of honor and should not be required to monitor the kids but simply enjoy her party.

Recruit a few parents you know well to help you with the timing and flow of the baby shower to ensure your day goes smoothly.

Babies at Baby Showers

I was invited to a dear friend’s baby shower, it’s her first baby. I was so excited to go and was planning to bring my young baby (still in arms and non-mobile) to the shower and the hostess said it was fine. Then the hostess sent me an email saying that she had spoken too soon, the mom wanted her baby-to-be to be the center of attention.

I’m annoyed and hurt. I’ve been to plenty of baby showers with babies and they never detract from the celebration. I’m trying not to make a rash decision about whether or not to go. What should I do?


Having a baby as a guest at a baby shower is something that I have seen many times. While it is ultimately up to the mother-to-be and/or her hostess, I would be annoyed as well. The obvious thing is that you were originally told that you could bring your baby, but beyond that how much is a tiny baby going to really distract from a baby shower?

In deciding whether you still want to go to the baby shower, consider your baby’s needs, the relationship with the new mom, how likely are you to enjoy the shower (do you know or like the other guests), other factors (how long would you be gone, would you have to pump, find child care, etc.). If you feel like you’re making a rash decision because you’re annoyed and hurt – sleep on it. But in the end, you have to be true to yourself and your baby and do what you think is right. If you go, will you sit there the whole time angry that you were asked to leave your baby at home?

If you decide not to go, simply send a baby shower gift to the party and politely excuse yourself.

General Tips for Taking a Baby to a Baby Shower

  • Wear your baby in a sling to keep baby calm and close. This also minimizes contact with others who may want to touch your baby without asking.
  • If your baby cries, immediately excuse yourself to where the baby can’t be heard, even if this means you have to go outside.
  • If someone is trying to focus on your baby, distract them by diverting the conversation.

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