Winter Coat Car Seat Safety For Your Baby

Winter Weather Accessories to Keep Baby Cozy

Did you know that when your baby is in his or her car seat, it's not safe for the baby to be wearing a winter coat? 

A study showed that the bulkiness of winter coats, which often lead to parents loosening the car seat straps, can eject a baby in the event of a car crash and as a result, Consumer Reports recommends that winter coats never be worn by babies in car seats. 

Coats and other cold weather accessories help keep baby warm, but they can get bulky. Some parents turn to other products that are just as effective. It's important to know that many of these products aren't tested by the NHTSA, so be sure to scrutinize each product and test how it works in your car seat.

Here are four great products that will change the way you keep baby cozy and warm

JJ Cole Original Bundleme

JJ Cole Bundle Me
The JJ Cole Bundle Me has been tested for safety standards. PriceGrabber

Heavy winter coats will keep baby warm, but they can feel stuffy and don't allow you to adjust the temperature. The JJ Cole Original Bundleme is such a great alternative. Its design allows car seat straps to rest directly on baby, and it's lined with soft faux shearling and zips shut for maximum warmth. The cover is detachable, which allows better temperature control. The Bundleme is also crash tested.

Cozy Cover

Car seat covers
Car seat covers. PriceGrabber

Safety-wise, many Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) prefer car seat covers like the Cozy Cover over products like the Bundleme because it doesn't add a layer of material between baby's body and the car seat restraints.

The Cozy Cover is a great example. It has elastic edges that wrap over an infant car seat carrier. Think of it like a shower cap for a car seat. Two zippers and a facial flap can completely enclose your baby when you must be out and about in chilly temperatures, and the product remains completely free of your baby's harness.

Disana Merino Wool Romper

Fleece Snowsuit
Fleece Snowsuit. PriceGrabber

You might look at this and think, "But it looks like a snowsuit, and snowsuits are dangerous!" The difference between this Disana romper and a traditional hefty snowsuit is that it's made from 100% boiled merino wool and lined with soft cotton.

It might be thin, but don't underestimate this romper's ability to retain warmth. The wool helps regulate temperature and humidity and keep baby cozy without getting too hot. CPSTs often recommend wool or fleece products because they keep baby warm without the thick padding of a typical baby winter coat.


Car Seat Poncho
Car Seat Poncho. Car Seat Poncho

The Car Seat Poncho is a great, versatile option. It can be used with infant car seats as well as any five point harness convertible car seat, too. With the Car Seat Poncho, your child will stay warm in and out of the car, as it's made with two toasty layers or 400-weight fleece. No material interferes with the function of the harness thanks to the poncho's clever design.


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