How to Lose Weight to Improve Your Health

For some people, weight loss is about looking better, fitting into a smaller dress size, or getting ready for a big event. But sometimes we need to learn how to lose weight for health reasons. Being overweight puts you at higher risk for a number of chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure.

If you are managing a medical condition or if you have special nutritional needs, weight loss can be more of a challenge. Your circumstances may be different than those of a typical dieter and if you are very heavy, a regular exercise program may not be possible. So how do you lose weight if traditional methods don’t work?

Listed below are suggested weight loss methods for people who are managing a medical issue or for those who may have specific weight loss needs. The recommendations come from physicians and from the findings of recent medical studies. However, be sure that you discuss any change to your diet and activity level with your physician before you begin.

Weight Loss Strategies to Control Hypertension

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If you've been diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) or or if your doctor has told you that you have pre-hypertension, managing your weight is essential for good health. Weight loss is often prescribed to help patients lower their blood pressure and control the symptoms of their disease. Find out which diet and exercise programs doctors recommend for people with hypertension.


Diabetes Diet: A Step by Step Guide

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Learn more about managing type 2 diabetes and controlling symptoms of the disease with this easy step by step guide to the diabetes diet. Find out which foods to eat and which foods to avoid and then learn more about starting an exercise program to stay active.


Healthy Weight Loss for Seniors

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Just because you are an older adult doesn't necessarily mean that you should give up on starting an exercise program or healthy diet. But there are some factors that seniors should take into account before they begin. Find out what a leading expert on aging, Dr. Mike Moreno, recommends for his older patients who are learning how to lose weight.


Top Weight Loss Tips for Men

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There are a few weight loss tips are especially helpful if you're a guy. Watch this short video by Dr. Allen Peters and find out what he recommends for men who want to learn how to lose weight.


How to Start a Workout Routine If You Are Overweight

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Typical exercise programs don't always work for people who are overweight or obese. Find out which workouts are best suited for heavier people and then use simple tips to make the most out of your workout experience.


Easy Exercise Programs to Lose Weight


If you are battling a chronic medical condition, your doctor may have suggested that you start an exercise program to improve your health. But it may not be a good idea to do too much to soon. Learn how to start an exercise program as an absolute beginner with easy workouts that will leave you feeling strong and healthy.


Overcome Medical Barriers to Lose Weight

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If you can't lose weight, there may be a medical or physical reason. Learn about the typical barriers that stand in the way of people who are trying to lose weight. Then find out what steps you can take to overcome those obstacles to achieve a healthy weight.


Sleep Better to Lose Weight

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Chronic insomnia sends thousands of people to the doctor each year. It is also a common complaint that is linked to your ability to lose weight. Learn why lack of sleep may be causing weight gain and learn sleep tips that will help you to shed the pounds and get healthy.


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