How to Lose Weight With Exercise

How to Exercise for Weight Loss

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If you are trying to lose weight, you'll probably go on a diet or at least change your eating habits to get the energy balance you need to slim down.  But you'll lose weight faster if you combine exercise and diet.

This course will guide you through a program that will help you get leaner, fitter, stronger and more flexible. You'll lose weight more quickly than you would with a diet alone and you'll feel better about the way you look and feel.

Now let's get moving!

Lesson One: Start With a Solid Foundation

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In Lesson One, you lay the groundwork for a lifelong habit of healthy exercise. A solid foundation is the key to long term motivation and success.  By walking through the simple steps outlined below, you'll ensure that your exercise program is strong enough to withstand the moments when you want to give up. You'll also begin to incorporate easy workouts to burn more calories and start the weight loss process. 

Lesson One: How to Set Up an Exercise Program to Lose Weight

Lesson Two: Start to Get in Shape

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In Lesson Two, you begin to exercise at a moderate pace and burn more calories. You will also learn more about what makes some workouts effective and what makes some workouts fail. And as you gradually improve your fitness level, you'll learn how to avoid common workout mistakes that many exercisers make.  

Lesson Two: How to Get in Shape to Lose Weight

Lesson Three: Tighten Your Body

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Lesson Three is about shaping your body - especially those trouble zones.  Over the next few weeks you'll learn how to tighten your arms, legs and abs. You'll build muscle and improve your flexibility with specifically designed weight loss workouts that you can do at home.  A stronger, more flexible body will help you to maintain a healthy metabolism and it will help you to  move more comfortable through your normal daily activities

Lesson Three: Tighten Your Arms, Legs and Abs

Lesson Four: Boost Your Motivation

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By the time you get to Lesson Four, you might start to lose interest. Don't worry, this is normal! I set up this plan to make sure that you stick to it. Almost everyone wants to quit at this stage so I designed this lesson to help you learn how to boost your own motivation. You'll learn how to be your own coach and guide yourself to reach any goal you set.

Lesson Four: The 4 Changes You Need to Make to Get (and Stay!) Motivated

Lesson Five: Burn More Fat

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In Lesson Five you begin to reap the rewards of your commitment to the program. When you reach this stage you are stronger and fitter than you were when you began so you finally get to do the workouts that burn more fat. Find out why the specially designed exercise sessions work and how you can incorporate them in to a healthy balanced program.

Lesson Five: The Best Workouts to Lose Fat

Next Steps: Stay Fit and Healthy

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It's time for congratulations. You've made it through the program. This is an accomplishment all by itself. So give yourself a pat on the back.

Now what's your next step? Evaluate your program with this check sheet. You'll get clear guidance for how to move forward and keep your new body in top shape. And if you didn't get the full result that you wanted to get, there are tips for moving forward as well.

Next Steps: How to Move Forward

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