Learn to Love to Run: A Beginner's Guide

Learn the Basics

Have you always wanted to be a runner? Well, there's no day like today to lace up your sneakers and hit the road! If you're feeling like newbie, this collection of running resources for beginners can help you discover a love of running.

If you're just getting started with running, we bet you have a lot of questions. Like, what exactly is proper running form? What about stretching? Should you eat before running? We can answer them all to get you up to speed.

Get Inspired

Some days are easier than others when it comes to making it out the door for a run. But these tips and tricks will help you find motivation all around, in the form of running buddies, inspirational quotes, and more.

Grab the Gear

Is there really more to running than a solid pair of sneakers? Well, yes, sometimes you need to take a few more things with you on the road to keep you safe and happy. But be careful, because the costs can add up fast!

Answer the Embarrassing Questions

We're just going to put it all out there. Lots of weird stuff can happen when you run. So don't be shy about asking a more experienced runner what's going on. They've seen it all!

Run Your First Race

Feeling inspired to sign up for your first race? If you've been running solo, consider the classic, fun 5K to start. With racing comes a better chance of a runner's high, too!

Stay Healthy and Safe

There are so many health benefits of running, but there are also plenty of risk factors. Stay safe and smart as you learn more about nutrition, common injuries, and more along the journey.

Go the Distance

Want to increase your mileage? Maybe even run a marathon someday? We can give you the resources to train like a pro, set new goals, and keep you running for a long time to come.