Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

How to Maintain Weight Loss

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Reaching your goal weight is a huge accomplishment, but the journey doesn't end there. Keep the pounds off with these weight loss maintenance tips.

Find Your New Calorie Needs

To go from losing weight to maintaining weight, your daily calorie intake needs to change. When you’ve spent weeks or months adhering to a specific diet and exercise plan to help you lose weight, it’s not easy to alter your habits. You’ll need to figure out your new calorie needs and adjust your meals and snacks accordingly.

This can be complicated because you need more calories to maintain weight than to lose it. But at the same time, a body that weighs less needs fewer calories. To find the balance, use a personalized calorie calculator like the one below to figure out how much food your new body weight needs. The calculator factors in height, weight, age, and activity level. Try the number it spits out for a week and then adjust it if needed. Remember to be patient. It may take a few weeks to find the magic number.

Keep Up Healthy Habits

How to Maintain Weight Loss: Keep up Healthy Habits
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It's not all about the food. You'll want to maintain the healthy habits you picked up during your weight loss journey. Did you go to the gym during your lunch break? Don’t stop now! Did you switch from sugary soda to sparkling water? Don’t switch back!

Maintaining healthy habits means you’re much more likely to maintain your weight loss. If you find yourself slipping, try writing down everything you eat. Keeping a food journal is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Give Yourself Incentives

How to Maintain Weight Loss: Give Yourself Incentives to Remain Motivated
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When you’re in the process of losing weight, seeing the number on the scale go down is great motivation. But seeing the number remain the same is not as exciting. For help keeping the weight off, try using your before and after photos as incentive. Put them on your refrigerator door and you'll be reminded of your transformation each time you reach for food.

Seeing the results you worked so hard for will definitely help you stick to healthy habits. Another great motivation tool is a stream of small rewards. At the end of every month you maintain your weight, give yourself a little non-food treat.

Don't Make Excuses

How to Maintain Weight Loss: Don't Make Excuses
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If you start making excuses for questionable food choices, you’ll never stop. The fact that you don’t need to lose weight anymore definitely isn’t an excuse to subsist on cheeseburgers. And neither is that holiday party or the group dinner at a chain restaurant. There's always a way to make smart choices, whatever the situation. Remember to keep portion sizes in check and emergency snacks on hand. 

Don't Deprive Yourself

How to Maintain Weight Loss: Don't Deprive Yourself
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Remember that you don’t need to deprive yourself to keep up the good work. Feeling satisfied is key to keeping off the pounds. If you love big bowls of pasta or mashed potatoes, try spaghetti squash or mashies super-sized with cauliflower

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