How to Make a Circle Paper Lace Doily in 3 Easy Steps

You can make beautiful doilies with a paper punch.

spring crafts, May basket, doily paper punch
Making paper doilies is super easy with a doily paper punch. Katherine Lee

​A doily paper punch can be a great tool to put in your crafts box. It's fun to use (although younger grade-schoolers may need help) and it can save you money in the long run since you can make your own doilies in many different colors instead of buying packs of them in stores.

Paper doilies can add an elegant and beautiful touch to just about anything, from a May basket to presents to cards. They can even be used to make garlands or place mats or table runners. The possibilities are endless.

Here is an example of a paper doily that was made with a paper doily punch starter kit from Martha Stewart Crafts (about $25 from

Align the paper with the base and begin punching out the doily.

Follow the instructions for making the doily. First, center the paper on the base (it may be helpful to make a small "x" with a pencil in the middle and then align that with the center of the base). Put the top magnet knob on the top of the paper and then place the top punch cartridge piece on top. Press down to make the first punch.

Continue in a circle.

circle doily paper punch - spring crafts, Valentine crafts
Continue to turn the paper to make the doily. Katherine Lee

Continue rotating the paper as you punch down, turning the paper after each punch. Go all the way around until you come full circle.

Here is a finished paper punch.

doily paper punch - May basket, spring crafts for kids
Now you have a finished paper doily. Katherine Lee

Once you've come all the way around, you'll have a finished lace doily. Make a bunch in lots of different colors (Astrobrights makes gorgeous paper in lots of pretty assorted colors.)

Use these pretty doilies to add a pretty touch to your kids' crafts or use them as is to decorate a table or a room.

You can use the paper doilies to decorate lots of kids' crafts.

Here is an example of how paper doilies can add a gorgeous touch to May baskets. (To learn how to make these pretty hanging baskets, read, "Make a May Basket in 4 Easy Steps." 

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