How to Make a Healthy Lunch

How healthy is your lunch? Dieters often invest a lot of time into preparing a healthy breakfast and cooking a nutritious dinner. But then they grab whatever is in front of them for lunch. Unfortunately, those lunchtime calories can make or break your entire weight loss plan.

You're more likely to eat a healthy lunch if you prepare it yourself. Of course, there are some days when that isn't possible. Use these guides to improve your mid-day meal whether you eat at home, at work or in a restaurant.

Healthy Lunch Ideas and Recipes

Make a healthy lunch
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Every healthy lunch needs 3 essential ingredients. Do you know what they are? Use these diet-friendly lunch recipes and tips to create a nutritious meal that will keep you satisfied and energized through the afternoon so you eat less and lose weight faster.

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How to Cut Calories From Your Sandwich

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A simple sandwich can top 500 calories if you don't make it the right way. Learn how to cut calories and trim fat from this lunchtime favorite with easy swaps and healthy grocery tips.

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How to Make (or Order) a Healthy Salad

healthy salad bowl
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Many dieters replace their heavy lunch meal with a hearty, nutritious salad. The problem is that some salads are loaded with an entire day's worth of calories, even when you make them at home! Use this guide to make a better salad or order a slimmer salad when you dine out.

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Low Calorie Fast Food Meals

Healthy food at McDonalds
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Let's face it, even the most diligent dieters end up in the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant at some point. The good news is that most restaurants now carry diet-friendly items on their menus. And you'll even be surprised to see some traditional burgers and treats that can fit into a calorie-controlled lunch. Use this guide to navigate the menu at your favorite lunch time spot.

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How to Eat Less at Restaurants

How do you navigate an important business lunch meeting when you're on a diet? Do you know what to order and what to avoid? Did you know that where you sit in a restaurant can actually help you eat less? Use these 6 easy tips to keep your weight loss program on track when you dine out.

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