How to Make a Healthy Salad

Many dieters eat salad to lose weight. A healthy, diet-friendly salad is the perfect choice when you need the satisfaction of a hearty meal without the calorie load of a more traditional (and heavy) lunch or dinner. Use these guides, lists and recipes to learn how to create your own delicious salad at home.  You'll also learn how to order a lower calorie salad when you dine at a restaurant.  With just a few simple changes you can lower the calorie and fat content of your salad and keep all of the flavor you enjoy.

The 10 Worst Salad Ingredients for Weight Loss

bad salad ingredients
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You can probably guess a few of the items on this list, but some of them will definitely surprise you. Sometimes, ingredients that sound healthy are actually not great for a weight loss salad. If you want to lose weight, make sure you skip these salad ingredients and use the healthy swap ideas instead.

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The Best Salad Ingredients for Weight Loss

salad ingredients
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Now that you know what not to add to your salad, you're probably wondering what you should add to your salad. Use this guide to find easy lists of ingredients to build a salad that is full of nutrients but low in calories and fat.

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Healthy Salad Dos and Don'ts

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Need a quick list of good and bad salad habits? Scan this list and find out what you shouldn't do when ordering a salad in a restaurant or making a salad at home. Change one or two things about your salad habits to eat fewer calories and lose weight faster.

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10-Second Tips to Make a Salad for Weight Loss

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If you don't have time to read a long list of ingredients and salad-making tips, don't worry. Just scan this quick and easy guide for the basics. You'll learn how to make a diet-friendly salad in just 3 easy steps.You can even print out the list and take it with you to the grocery store.

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Healthy Swaps for Ranch Salad Dressing

mayonnaise ranch salad dressing
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Guess how many calories are in a single serving of ranch style dressing? If you're on a diet, you need to know. You'll probably think twice before adding it to your next meal. Use my recipe ideas, instead, to add a creamy taste to your salad.

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