How to Make a Pregnancy Announcement

How to Share Your Pregnancy News

Pregnancy Announcement with sibling and belly
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Finding out you are pregnant is a very exciting and nervous time in your life. Once you've had that positive pregnancy test you are faced with many decisions, one of which is when should you tell and whom should you tell - making a pregnancy announcement.

Keeping it a Secret

Some people believe only in telling their immediate family for fear of early pregnancy loss. Others believe that they will tell anyone and everyone, reasoning that if they did have an early pregnancy loss they would need the support of others.

Most people fall into a middle ground on who they begin telling. If you are planning on keeping your pregnancy a secret from some people in your life, make sure you know the integrity of the persons you are sharing your secret with. Nothing made me angrier than calling someone to tell them my good news only to find out that they already knew.

Reasons for not telling are varied, as mentioned before, early pregnancy loss is included in that list, so is the fear of reprisal from work, being judged differently by your peers, and personal acceptance.

A lot of people decide to wait on revealing their joyous news until after the first trimester when the miscarriage rates drop drastically. Others open up with the secret only as their abdomens begin to grow. If you have other children, you do want to make sure that you tell them before strangers recognize your pregnancy by the size of your abdomen.

Sometimes it can be difficult not to tell for a variety of reasons. Severe nausea and vomiting may make it fairly obvious that something is going on, as will multiple visits to the care providers. If you are intent on not telling everyone, then you need to watch your actions. It's also hard not to scream with delight when you are in an emotional high.

How do you tell someone you are pregnant? Well, that really depends on who that someone is.

Telling Your Partner

With the rise in popularity of the home pregnancy test, the partner is usually around when you are taking the test and will know the results as soon as you do. They may even know first if you send them in to read the test. Others will not be around and you will want to tell them in a special way. Here are a few ideas:

  • Giving them a pink and a blue balloon and letting them guess.
  • Sending them a card.
  • Leaving a baby name book around the house.
  • Leave the pregnancy test out where they
    will find it.
  • Drop hints.
  • Rent birth related movies (Nine Months, Junior, She's Having a Baby, etc.)

Any way you tell them it is sure to be a moment that they will remember forever.

Telling Family and Friends

Telling others may be less difficult. Unless that other person is a parent. I can remember driving to my mother's house to tell her. About half way there I realized that she was going to know what I had been doing! I figured I might as well tattoo it on my head, and then I realized my abdomen would soon be big enough that even strangers would figure it out.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is to remember that you should tell people when you and your partner feel comfortable sharing your news.

You should tell them in ways that you want to tell without fear of reprisal (They can't fire you for being pregnant.), and most of all have fun.

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