How to Make Baby's First Halloween Candy Bag

Create a Cute Keepsake for Baby's First Halloween

Baby making painted hand prints
Baby making painted hand prints. Getty/Photodisc/Steven Puetzer

It's memorable and exciting to celebrate all of your baby's firsts, and that includes holidays. Halloween is no exception. Once you've found the perfect costume for baby's first Halloween, decorate a candy bag for all of the goodies they will receive. This fun, simple craft project is sure to be a special keepsake long after October 31.

What You'll Need:

  • Plain canvas tote (Find them in any craft supply section)
  • Fabric paint
  • Fabric markers
  • Iron-on decals
  • Other decorations of your choice

If you're not concerned about the candy sack lasting more than one night, you could save yourself time and money by decorating a plain paper bag with craft paint or washable markers.

How to Make the Perfect Handprint:

All baby handprint crafts are adorable, but getting your child to cooperate takes a bit of finesse. If you've never attempted any sort of craft project with your baby before, it might be a good idea to practice on scrap paper before you go for the permanent hand print. Handprint crafts also tend to get messy, so strip your baby down to their diaper or dress them in clothes you don't mind ruining.

You could either dip your baby's palm into a small dish of fabric paint or paint it onto their palm using a brush. Spread their fingers apart and press down on the bag to make the handprint. Work quickly, since many babies will start to fuss and squirm.

When you're finished, wash your baby's hands with warm water and soap.

Design Ideas:

Decorate baby's first Halloween treat sack with themed iron-on stickers, draw designs with fabric markers and make a handprint ghost, spider, or pumpkin:

  • Ghost: Add eyes and a mouth to an upside down baby handprint. This design looks best in white paint on a dark background, although you could make a green or purple ghost on a light background if desired.
  • Spider: Add eyes and a mouth to two handprints where the heels of the hands are slightly overlapping and the fingers facing away from each other. Your baby's hands will be the spider's body and the fingers will be the legs.
  • Pumpkin: Paint baby's palm in orange paint and press down. Add a face and a stem after the paint dries.

Cute Halloween Sayings:

Write a cute saying on the bag below the handprint design. Some cute ideas to consider for your Halloween treat sack include:

  • My First Halloween
  • Gimme Some Candy!
  • Mommy's Little Pumpkin
  • Mommy's Little Boo
  • Too Cute to Spook

Alternative Projects:

If you don't want to decorate a treat sack, you could use baby handprint designs to decorate a baby bib or a special onesie for your child to wear on Halloween. A handprint craft design would also be cute as part of a Halloween greeting card if you want to send a note and a picture of baby wearing their costume to grandparents and far away relatives.

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