How to Make Easy, Inexpensive Halloween Mummy Treat Cups

Halloween Decoration Ideas - How to Make Halloween Mummy Treat Cups

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

These mummy treat cups are frightfully adorable and so much fun to make. And because the materials are everyday things you probably have lying around the house, these cups also make great cheap Halloween decorations. They are the perfect Halloween craft for kids!

Gather materials to make the Halloween mummy treat cups.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

  • You will need only a few materials to make these cute mummy treat cups:

  • plastic cups
  • white fabric scraps cut into strips
  • scissors
  • fabric glue (If you don't have fabric glue, regular school glue will work just as well.)
  • googly eyes
  • disposable paper plates (to pour the glue onto)

NOTE: If you want to add the bat name tags to use these mummy cups as place setting markers for a Halloween party, see instructions starting at Step 7 of this craft.)

Roll the cup in glue to coat the sides.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

Put some glue on a paper plate. Next, take your cup and roll it in the glue to coat the sides.

(NOTE: You can also use a brush to put the glue onto the cup if you prefer not to use a plate.)

Begin placing strips of fabric on the cup.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

Next, take your white fabric strips and begin placing them on the cup, starting from the bottom and working your way toward the top. Be sure to place the strips randomly so that the cup starts to look like a wrapped mummy.

Stop toward the middle line of the cup. This is where you will add the googly eyes.

Next, add the eyes to the cup.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

Take your googly eyes and add them to the cup. Continue adding strips of fabric, going to the top of the cup to complete your mummy.

Here are two finished mummy cups.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

Your mummy cups will look like this when you are done. They are spookily cute and ready to be filled with treats.

If you plan to put these on the table and use them as place setting name holders, follow the next steps for making a bat place card.

To make your bat name place card tags, get some materials.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

  • Here is what you will need to make these bat name place cards:

  • black card stock paper or construction paper
  • bat shape cookie cutter (this one was 4" wide)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue pen
  • glitter (silver or white)
  • black chenille stems
  • Scotch tape or glue

Make the bat name place cards.

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

To make the bats, trace around the cookie cutter with a pencil and cut out the shape.

Write the child's name in glue pen (if you don't have a glue pen, dip glue in a very thin paintbrush). Sprinkle a generous amount of silver glitter all over the name. Wait a few seconds and then tip the bat over to shake off excess glue and reveal the name.

Take the black chenille stem and cut it in half. Tape or glue the bats onto the stems.

NOTE: You can also write a Halloween message like, "Boo!" or "Happy Halloween" rather than a child's name if you'd like to put these mummy cups all around the house to decorate for Halloween or put them on a table for a Halloween party.

The glittery bat name place cards look great in the mummy cups!

halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee

The bat name cards look great, don't they? And they go along very well with the mummy cups.

Fill your cups with yummy Halloween treats and put these festive homemade halloween decorations all around the house!

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