How To Make Easy Toddler Suncatchers

If you aren't in the mood to get out the glue or you don't have time for a big mess, these suncatchers are just the thing for you and your child.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: varies

Here's How:

  1. Cut some colored tissue paper into small squares (or other shapes), about 1 x 1 inch.
  2. Cut two squares (size is up to you) of clear contact paper.
  3. Place one square of contact paper sticky side up on a table.
  4. Allow your child to drop, place, pat or throw the tissue paper onto the contact paper.
  1. Take the second piece of contact paper and press evenly to the decorated piece.
  2. If desired, cut the sealed pieces into any desired shape.
  3. Punch a hole in the edge and thread a piece of yarn or curl ribbon through for hanging.
  4. Hang in a sunny window.


  1. You can also use confetti or other decorative papers besides tissue paper.
  2. Cut the paper into shapes for the holidays. For instance, one year I cut red, pink and white tissue paper into hearts for Valentine's Day, and then cut the entire suncatcher into a large heart shape.
  3. To keep the contact paper from sliding around or sticking to toddler fingers, use a few small pieces of double sided tape in the corners to affix to the table while your child works. Remove these when the project is done.
  4. For added decoration, you can fold some colored tape around the edges.

What You Need:

  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Scraps or Pieces of Colored Tissue Paper
  • Hole-Puncher
  • Piece of Yarn

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